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“Baghdadi” ignites the conflict between ISIS members .. The first proposal to stop the fighting on the post of “Caliph”

by admindiaa

The clashes between the elements of the ISIS within the remaining areas under their control in Al-Bukamal east of Deir Ezzor (the Syrian-Iraqi border) were renewed following the disagreement within the organization about the position of the Caliph, which is occupied by the organization’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
According to our sources in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor (which asked not to be named), the villages of Abu Khater and Al-Buqan in rural Bu Kamal, witnessed on Friday clashes between foreign fighters on the one hand, and Syrian and Iraqi fighters on the other, resulting in the occurrence of 7 Dead at least between the parties.
The sources added that elements of the Tunisian nationality who were fighting against foreigners (accused of being Khorij) against the Iraqis and the Syrians proposed a solution to the escalating conflict within the organization, namely the coming of “Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” to areas of rural Albuqmal, or appear in a video A word for the “soldiers of the caliphate”, and if this is not possible, the allegiance of a new successor will lead the organization in the areas of greater control.
In this context, the current pro-Baghdadi, one of the elements of the organization (Moroccan nationality) in the town of Shaafa, was executed on charges of being a “Khawarij” (the accusation launched against the anti-Baghdadi), and the elements of this movement announced a curfew during the night, To the erection of barriers and scrutiny of any person passes through, and carried out the so-called “security” campaigns of arrest among civilians, without knowing the reasons so far.
In the light of the continued disagreement within the organization, which has worsened in recent days, called Friday sermons in the areas of control of the ISIS, most of the legitimacy of the organization, to “steadfastness during the coming days,” and claimed that “victory is soon” and that a major military action in the coming days “On different fronts.”On the other hand, renewed Iraqi aircraft targeted areas of Syria subject to “ISIS”, and our correspondent, that the city of Hajin was the most prominent places targeted, amid information that indicates that one of the air attacks was against a meeting to discuss the split within the organization to the post of “Caliph” Killing and wounding dozens of leaders and elements of the organization, who are of different nationalities.
The warplanes also launched more than 20 raids on the village of Al-Bagouz, targeting groups of ISIS were preparing to attack the village of Al-Bagouz, but resulted in the deaths and injuries in the ranks of the organization, and coincided with the missile attacks launched by America’s right to the age of oil on the village of Sousse, , Resulting in civilian casualties.
It is noteworthy that a major split occurred within the organization for some weeks, evolved into clashes, the first of its kind, divided into a supporter of the “Caliph”, and that despite the long time not appear “Baghdadi”, but they are still allegiance, Loyalty to the Caliph. ”
The second section is composed mostly of other Arab, Asian or other nationalities. They have demanded the allegiance of a second Emir who is in the field with the fighters in the rest of the areas that have been under control and besieged for months.
These developments prompted supporters of al-Baghdadi to issue a fatwa describing opponents of the caliph as “Khawarij”, which requires fighting and “spying” their women. This ruling was announced from the pulpit in the Friday sermons in the mosques of Al-Shaafah and Sousse.
ISIS continues to maintain a number of areas in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, most notably Hajin, Shaafah, Sousse, Baqan, and Al-Bagouz near the Iraqi border, as well as the salt wells of Tel Shire and al-Dashiishah in the southern Hasaka countryside, (Shamia), and the village of Mezila and the perimeter of the quantum field.

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