After the American withdrawal decision, Fears among factions and civilians.

by admindiaa

SDF controlled towns and villages in the countryside of DeirEzzorr province witnessed a mass exodus of a dozens of families towards the opposition controlled areas north Syria, fearing that the Assad regime and Iranian militias would enter the country following the US decision to withdraw from Syria.

According to information provided by Euphrates Post correspondents in DeirEzzor countryside (East euphrates) which controlled by “SDF”, confirmed that the displacement during the past 48 hours included a large number of civilians from Bseara city, Thiban, villages of Shuaitat and other areas, some of them began selling their property or stores, in preparation for displacement and to cover the costs.

On the other hand, a source close to “SDF” to “Euphrates Post”, that there are real fears among Arab fighters in the ranks of “SDF” who fear the withdrawal of the latter from the region, And handing over the area to the Regime forces and the Iranian militias.

The source added that most of these are opposed to Assad’s Regime and wanted by the security branches, who are at the same time wanted by the opposition factions in the north of Syria which allied with the Turks, because they’re fighting with “SDF” and are therefore in trouble now, unable to go to areas of control Regime, or opposition.

The source pointed out that other some of the Arab fighters with SDF condemning their loyalty to the Regime, which made the people of the region in real fear of facilitating the entry of the regime and the Iranians and Russians to the region, noting the presence of a large number of Regime opponents and wanted, Not to mention the dissidents of their forces who began to flee the area, and some of them are preparing to go out into the north of the country.

It is noteworthy that the SDC “Syria Democratic Council” has said on Friday, that his forces may have to withdraw from Deir Ezzor if Turkey launched a military operation in northern Syria.

“Rudaw Network” quoted of the council’s representatives during a press conference in the French capital Paris that: “Confronting terrorism in northern Syria will be difficult, and we will have to withdraw from DeirEzzor if Turkey launches a military operation because it will give greater freedom to the militant factions there.” According to their claim.

What about “AlTanf?”

On the other hand, about the fate of the AlTanf and the 55 Area, the head of the “Maghawir Althawra” Army, Muhannad AlTala’a, said: “we were informed by the international coalition about the decision to withdraw from Syria, but we did not receive any further details On the subject, and is scheduled to wait until the twenty-fourth of December, to find out all the details of the military presence in the reserve and stay in the bases or withdrawal to other areas.

Tala’a told STEP news agency that: they are seeking the exit of their faction, other opposition factions and civilians trapped in Area 55 through “safe routes” to the northern Syrian regions, but that has not yet been answered.

He also explained that the factions in the base of the Tunnel could be secured to the north, but it is not clear to date any details on this matter, and added that “it is possible to stay in our bases and face the Syrian regime and its militias,” All possibilities are present as long as our fate is not yet determined, we will not rule out a new “let down” by the Americans.

As for the fate of the residents of AlRikban camp, he said: “We strive to move the people in the camp towards the north of Syria, but we can not confirm this, the situation is very deplorable in the region, and exacerbated more after American sudden withdrawal.

“Until now we have not been officially informed, and there is no official statement by the Pentagon, which is directly responsible for the al-Tanf base, to withdraw from al-Qaeda,” said Fares AlMunajjid, director of the media office of Ahmad al-‘Abdu’s forces. , But there are several statements about the continuation of the Pentagon to support his allies on the ground.

He added: “The presence of the international coalition is not limited to the Americans only, but there are British and other forces that have not yet announced the decision to withdraw, and if the coalition decided to give up the protection of Area 55, which includes the camp Rkban, which is inhabited by thousands of civilians who fled of the regime’s militias and ISIS terrorist organization, We will stay with the civilian population to defend them as much as possible. “

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