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After being bombed,,,, Iran’s militias are replacing their local members with foreigners in Ayyash warehouses

by Anas abdullah

Euphrates Post / Special

Today, the Iranian militias began transferring a number of their local members from the Ayyash warehouses in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor and replacing them with foreign nationals, days after they were bombed by American aircraft

Our sources said that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps transferred this morning many members of the “Aswad Al-Baqer” militia led by “Hajj Subhi” and others affiliated with the “Fatimiyoun” militia to the fronts in the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib

Our sources added that the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard” militia kept the elements who converted to the “Shiite sect” in the ranks of these militias, in addition to those who received the of the so-called “pilgrims-ALHujaj”

The sources indicated that the “Iranian Revolutionary Guards” militia brought members of the Lebanese “Hezbollah” militia and members of the “Al-Nujaba” militia and placed them in the places of the local fighters who were transferred

In a related context, the pro-Russian “Qaterji” militia and the “Fifth Corps” militia opened the door to affiliation with militia members who were transferred by the “Revolutionary Guard” with the aim of including them in their ranks

These changes come days after Ayyash, the most important weapons depot for the Iranian militias in Deir ez-Zor, was bombed, which indicates that Iran’s militias are accusing their local members of a kind of accusation

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