20 Martyr victims of Regime raids on DeirEzzor with its countryside

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

Three days ago Regime warplanes commited a massarce killed 14 civilian, 4 of them children, only 9 persons known due shelling blasts which charred their corpses, the raid happened in “Swar” village wich controlled by ISIS in the northern countryside of the province.

In the details, the correspondent of the network “Euphrates Post” from the countryside of DeirEzzor: that the warplanes launched several air raids targeting residential sites focused on the industrial region within the town, pointing out that among the victims “four children” and dozens were wounded, And then they were transfered towards the medical points inside the town.

The source expected the increase in the number of victims in the coming hours due to the severity of some injuries, in addition to poor health in areas controlled by the regulation of “ISIS” due to the lack of general medical services and cadres.

The correspondent added that the raids caused the destruction of three houses completely, in addition to the destruction of a number of shops and contents and the burning of two cars of civilians entered a shop, and the raids caused material damage to private property.

Six civilians were killed and a number of others were injured following the “second massacre” carried out by the regime’s planes last night in the city of DeirEzzor when they raided a residential building in the neighborhood controlled ISIS. One martyr rose in Hamidiya neighborhood and five others in the neighborhood “Urdy”, while the raids caused great destruction to a number of neighboring residential buildings, so that the wounded were later transferred to a medical point in the neighborhood.

The warplanes had launched several other air raids yesterday, distributed to the city of Mohassan with the towns of Maadan and the Sukhna eastern and western countrysides of DeirEzzor, which limited its damage to the material, without causing any deaths or injuries, both civilians and elements belonging to the regulation.

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