Warnings of clan strife prepared in Deir Ezzor ..These are their tools and objectives

by admindiaa

Activists from the town of Deir Ezzor, east of Syria, issued warnings of “tribal strife” currently being prepared by the “SDF” Supported by the International Alliance against ISIS, and called for some voices to be careful not to fall into the trap of this sedition, whose features are gradually unfolding.According to activists on social networking sites, “SDF” is currently creating a clash between major tribal components along the villages and towns of the Euphrates River in Deir Ezzor in particular, the most prominent of these components are Alshuitat, Albkair, Boujamil.
According to the available data, the SDF insisted on the personal status of Ahmad al-Khubail, the leader of its military council Deir Ezzor, and gave him powers to feed tribal differences in the region,
And thus the rhythm of clashes between the tribes, making them weaker than it is now, and far from thinking about any other matters related to the future of its regions,
And the violations and transgressions carried out by forces from outside the region under the pretext of expelling “ISIS”, to show later that there are other goals, can not be achieved only by stabilizing the elements in the region,And to weaken all local forces that could be an obstacle to their future projects.”SDF” and through this approach, tried to start fighting “elite forces” led by “Abu Saleh al-Shu’aiti”, to prevent the expansion of this component and weaken, because of fear that it has any future role to expel, Especially since it has influence among the tribes of the region, and this applies to other tribal forces that seek “SDF” to finish it.”
Known as “Abu Khawla al-Bkair”, he is known as a figure who from the beginning of the revolution spread the tribal strife . He played his role during ISIS’s control when he helped and incited against the people of the eastern region, Before joining the “SDF”, which did not pay attention to its history in the practice of the task of arming and theft, or support for the organization.
“Abu Khawla” was also known for his tribal hostility to of Shuayta and other tribal components, including Albogamel.
According to information obtained by the “Euphrates Post”, “Abu Khawla” has in recent weeks to carry out raids within the areas that have hostility in the countryside of Deir Ezzor,
With the threat of its population to the American forces, claiming that he enjoys the great support of them, and that he is under the sign to arrest and hold accountable anyone who stands in his way.
Information on the Euphrates Post also states that Al-Khubail issued assurances to all elements of the ISIS of his region and his tribe (the Bukhabur line) and granted security to all those who wished to return,
This is in contrast to the tension in the other areas of Deir Ez-Zour, which attempts to settle many of the old clan disputes through the argument of fighting ISIS and destroying its cells.
Al-Khubail has no military background or scientific credentials. He is known to have committed motorcycle theft, has a loyal loyalist brother, and works together to rob and blackmail civilians in the area.
He was previously held accountable by the leadership of the International Coalition, after trying to kill a former commander of the Free Syrian Army in the region, named Hamid al-Abub, nicknamed “Abu Najm,” after kidnapping him with another person.
The SDF consists of Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, Armenian and Turkmen formations, with a range of between 30,000 and 40,000. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units are their main component.
It is currently trying to limit the Arab forces that are fighting under its banner, at the expense of the superiority of the Kurdish component, and “clan sedition” one of its methods, to remain the largest force, and the only one in the region.
The militias themselves pose a secular force against religious projects in the region and claim to call for “democracy and human rights,” but they have committed grave violations against civilians during their military

battles,Or through camps that forced displaced people from the ISIS to stay there, not to mention the other violation of forced recruitment campaigns within their areas of detention, including women and children, in order to engage them in combat.

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