Two New Landings in DeirEzzor Countryside, “Furat’s Wali” in grip of Alliance.

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

The International Alliance forces executed in saterday 21April 2017 a landing operation in the region of (AlHammar Field) in Bukamal desert, an eyewitness in the region says that: 3 Helicopters landed in three sides around the oilfield, and attacked the ISIS fighters there for almost half an hour.

Then the sounds ended and the helicopters left the region without knowing the result of that attack, due ISIS sent a supporting force towards the targeted region and prevented people of being close of the field.

While another eyewitness said to Euphrates Post that: another landing targeted the river side nearby (Bagus village), where the landing opertion preceded by the arrival of several cars supported of heavy machine guns to the bank of Euphrates river, where there is a crossing point for the regulation and they was using it nightly.

The witnesses confirmed to our correspondent that the landing operation targeted “Most likely” the wali of Furat state, who seems that the Alliance forces knew that he will come to the region, through people rumors and began the operation to arrest him, and that’s what’s realy happened as our witnesses said.

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