The summary today is for Euphrates Post, June 23, 2019

by admindiaa


General situation:

Deir Ezzor today witnessed a large rise in temperature throughout the province, especially in the eastern region in general, amid warnings by doctors recommend that children should not leave their homes to avoid sun strikes.

According to Euphrates Post, according to officials of the Assad regime in the city of Deir Ezzor, the smart card will be used for the oil and gas and household products from July this year.

According to private sources of Euphrates Post, the head of the Union of teachers of Deir al-Zour in the areas of control of the “SDF” Omar Abu Saha holds a certificate of basic education to impose the amount of 2000 Syrian pounds

A monthly fee for teachers in the areas of control “SDF” in the province of Deir al-Zour, which number about 3,500 people, noting that the fees of the Teachers Union amounts to 500 Syrian pounds

On the other hand, Omar Abu Saha was one of the roadblocks before the SDF entered the area and was accused of several cases related to the robbery and weaponization of civilians by force of arms.

A student at the Hisham Al-Jassem Center in Al-Joura neighborhood in Deir Al-Zour opened a hand grenade in the exam hall this morning during the presentation of the science material and the threat to throw it at the center’s management after being seized by the ministerial representative while using his mobile device for cheating. And escape later, it is noteworthy that the student one of the elements of the Assad system, on the other hand, the public secondary examinations in the city of Deir al-Zour case of unprecedented corruption in conjunction with the spread of groups in the application of “Whats Ap”, which delivers information to students during the exam and the arrival of our son Officers and officials from the rest of the governorates to apply in the city of Deir Al-Zour.

Deir al-Zour also witnessed the accumulation of garbage in the city under the control of the Assad regime, especially in the districts of Dahiya, Wadi al-Jura, where the cars of the city council only remove garbage every 10 days.

In Aleppo, north of Syria, the SDF Chamber of Industry and Trade in the eastern city of Manbaj, Aleppo, issued a commercial identity to traders in order to facilitate the passage of trade within SDF control areas and to facilitate the movement and movement through the crossings

Field event:

The city of Al-Raqqa witnessed the explosion of a sound bomb in Al-Mansour Street and the damage was limited to the material.

The SDF elements burned a number of civilian houses in the village of Nasiriyah in the countryside of Aleppo. The residents of the area have been displaced since 2014.

Economic situation:

The value of the Syrian Pound against the US Dollar in Deir Al-Zour, recorded the dollar today:

Buy $ 1=595 Selling $ 1=594

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