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The Revolutionary Guards “opens a camp in the Albukamal countryside for its members from the region

by admindiaa


The leadership of the Iranian “Revolutionary Guards” in the Albukamal countryside has opened a camp for new affiliates from the area, who have been allowed to return with their families, after years of their displacement.

And our correspondent reported that dozens of families who were displaced in Damascus, the coast, Aleppo, and areas under the control of “SDF” returned to their homes in Albukamal and its countryside, after the “guards” allowed them to return after years of preventing them from this right, so that a large number of their children are affiliated with the Iranian support militia To the Assad regime.
According to our correspondent, with the regime and the Iranian-backed militias controlling the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, Iranian militias have seized hundreds of homes and turned them into military headquarters, taking advantage of the empty cities and villages of their people who were displaced by the military operation.
These militias, despite their permitting the return of the people after years of prevention, have stipulated that they do not return their homes to them if they were converted to military headquarters, or were in neighborhoods that are almost completely under the control of militia members and their families, as is the case of neighborhoods of associations and ALSENAA , AL-JAMEAT, AL-KHTEF in the city of Albukamal, and the Tammu district in Al-Mayadeen.
Among the conditions imposed by the militias as well, the obligatory service of returning youth, most of whom preferred not to join the forces of the Assad regime, and volunteer instead in the ranks of Iranian militias with a weak salary of no more than 50 thousand pounds.
Our correspondent stated that the return of these people took place through the owners of reconciliations, so that dozens of families returned from Damascus, Tartous and Aleppo, and the last batch arrived on the 23rd of this month, so that more than 50 of its children were affiliated with the Iranian “Guards”, as they placed them all in a closed camp in the town of Siyal , Plunging them into a dimension at the Badamal Badia points.

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