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The most recent of which is bread … A living crises hitting civilians in Idlib and its countryside

by admindiaa

Idlib and its countryside are experiencing more and more livelihood crises recently due to several reasons, among them the cessation of support for humanitarian organizations, as the bread crisis has come and secured as the last in the region.
The “Euphrates Post” reporter mentioned that the difficulty in securing bread has become one of the things that civilians encounter on a daily basis in recent weeks, and it may require that the head of the family get a bundle of bread only, standing at the gates of the accredited person from 8 in the morning until four in the afternoon.
Our correspondent noted that the bread is sold at about 500 syria pounds per bundle, although it is supposed to distribute it for free, and this is evidenced by the bags on which it is usually written free of charge, and the family is not entitled to another bundle, regardless of the number of its members.
As for the ovens in the city of Idlib, the price of a bundle of bread was set in the Turkish lira, and it initially set two turkish lira, which is equivalent to 800 Syrian pounds, and the owners of the furnaces commented on the high price of bread from 200 to 800 pounds, which is the power cuts from the area.
What increases the cost of baking material due to running generators to provide electricity that runs on diesel, indicating that the cost of operating these generators can be saved to support bread if there is an electrical current.
The deteriorating living conditions led many civilians to demonstrate against the rescue government, which they held responsible, and several demonstrations took place in several areas of the north, demanding a decrease in the price of a bag of bread.
In this context, a demonstration took place in Bench on the 13th of this month, and the participants accused the rescue government of contributing to the restrictions on civilians, after a kiln of Bench was violated by paying 50,000 liras because he sold a bundle of bread 600 pounds, instead of 800.
It is noteworthy that with the beginning of the current month, and before the Caesar Law came into effect, the Syrian currency started to collapse, and as is the case with other Syrian regions, Idlib governorate was greatly affected, and the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the dollar reached about 3 thousand, which was greatly reflected On the prices in the markets.
In conjunction with that, the province witnessed a rise in the prices of internet and electricity subscriptions, so that the monthly subscription to the Internet becomes a speed of 512 kilobytes 7 thousand Syrian pounds, and the price of electricity subscription 6 thousand pounds per ampere.
This comes at a time when most of the materials, especially foodstuffs, witness a significant increase in their prices, which may reach 4 times the price of a month ago, in addition to a significant shortage in consumables and medicines in various cities of the province.

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