The “Iraqi Popular Crowd” and the Iraqi Air Force are entering the line of battles against ISIS in countryside of AL- Bu Kamal

by admindiaa


On the Syrian-Iraqi border (the center of the village of Al-Bagouz), the field units in the far eastern countryside increased, after the East Euphrates region witnessed battles between the ISIS organization on the one hand and the forces of the Assad regime and the sectarian militias loyal to it on the other. To intervene “popular crowd” on the Iraqi side on the line of battles, supporting the regime in response to attacks of the organization.
These developments coincide with the calm on the western side of the river as part of an undeclared truce between ISIS and the SDF militias, including the cessation of military operations between the two sides, including the bombing of coalition aircraft.
Violent clashes took place on Monday evening and dawn on Tuesday between ISIS and the “crowd” militia, which intervened to support the regime and other Iranian-backed sectarian militias, killing dozens of people, the correspondent of the Euphrates Post reported.
Our Reporter confirmed that more than 30 members of the organization were killed and wounded, were transferred to the hospitals of the city of the hajeen and the town of Al-Shafaa.
Field data indicate that during the fighting, ISIS was able to detonate a bulldozer and a tank for the “crowd” after being targeted by rockets.
The “crowd” for its part, to bombard the village of Al-Bagouz heavy artillery, in conjunction with raids by Iraqi warplanes on the AL-shafaa, one of which resulted in the killing of members of the family of one of the elements of the organization, and launched other raids on the village of Sousse,
, Led to the death of a child and the killing of four elements of the organization, and was subjected to Alshafa and Sousse artillery shelling and missile by the forces of the Assad regime.The attacks are believed to be aimed at easing pressure on the regime’s forces and militias, which have been under attack for nearly a week.
In the past two days, ISIS has carried out several attacks on Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard positions in the Al-Kattef district on the Euphrates River, during which it managed to control two militia positions.
The organization also carried out other attacks on the positions of the Fatimiyyah militia and the Palestinian militias in the villages of al-Ghubra and Ashair. Thirty elements were killed before it managed to take control of the Euphrates River in the area for several hours.
One of the field developments in the region ISIS targeted a Revolutionary Guards troops in the jurisdiction of the AL-kam field (second station) with a booby-trapped vehicle, prompting the Iraqi “crowd” to send its forces to Bu Kamal to relieve pressure on the Revolutionary Guards and Iranian militias inside the Syrian border.

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