The disguise” .. A qualitative weapon of the “ISIS” succeed in causing great losses to its enemies inside Syria

by admindiaa

Over the past months, following the expulsion from most of the areas previously controlled by ISIS, the ISIS has succeeded in following the “disguise”And to inflict heavy casualties on those who attack them, either the SDF or the regime forces and allied militias, also used it in the northern regions of Syria Controlled by the opposition.The news from Deir Ezzor, in particular, Refers to the increasing reliance of the organization on this method in the attack, repeating what he was doing in Iraq, in the period before the declaration of “succession” to large areas in Syria and Iraq, which then moved to conventional military battles.The SDF militia had the largest share of these operations. Their positions were recently penetrated several times by elements of the ISIS disguised as their fighters and entered oil sites in Deir Ez-Zour countryside on the northern bank of the Euphrates River,They were able to kill and injure a large number of elements, before detonating themselves, or killing them.
The most prominent operation in this area was on November 13, when members of the organization who mastered the Russian language and wore Russian uniforms were able to enter the Deir Ezzor military airport after the regime was to think them of being Russian officers and experts who came to inspect the airport.According to the Syrian regime and its media, the group that received the approval of entry through an “armored car”, They went down, they fired on the soldiers and officers who were there, killing many of them, including senior officers. They also fired shells at the planes at the airport, before blowing themselves up with the planes there. According to the regime’s media.Of the recent operations of the organization in accordance with this method,One of his elements entered the headquarters of the regime and militias in the city of Mayadeen, disguised as a soldier of the regime, to kill and injure dozens before being killed.ISIS’s actions by disguising itself as the enemy of its enemies are due to the transformation of the organization into guerrilla warfare after losing most of its control over areas,This approach, in the opinion of Military analysts, is more dangerous than a regular war on attacking forces, and through it the enemies of the organization can be greatly depleted.By expanding the scope of these operations, it is believed that civilians will have a share of them, as happened in Iraq, especially when things develop into the use of car bombs, which are feared to be the biggest victims,Because of the Syrian regime and the “SDF” their military and security headquarters and Make it in the midst of population gatherings.
This is compounded by the security chaos experienced by most areas in Syria, including those that have recently come out of ISIS control ,Not to mention the great corruption within the security forces and the forces of the regime, and militias of different parties, which makes the penetration is not difficult to organize,Especially as the latter has the funds and the elements affiliated with him in different regions, who facilitate his mission, for money or loyalty.
It is worth noting that the ISIS adopted a “disguise” approach to conduct various operations in several parts of the world, not only “uniform”, as happened in Afghanistan on March 9, 2017,When ISIS members, wear uniforms of doctors,and doing a massacre at Sardar Dawood Khan Military Hospital in Afghanistan,They killed 30 patients, staff, guards and military personnel. The organization announced in an official statement following the operation that it was responsible for its implementation.

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