The daily summary of Euphrates Post, June 25, 2019

by admindiaa


General situation:

New fires broke out in the agricultural crops this morning in the village of Tal Shaer in rural Qamishli and the villages of Khirbet Hatem and Al Hallaj in the north-eastern Tal Hamis in Hasaka.

The city of Basira, under the control of “SDF” in Deir al-Zour, witnessed a general strike in protest against the deterioration of the security situation and the establishment of elements who are likely to be followers of the “SDF” steal the jeweler Faysal al-Attiyah yesterday.

On the other hand, the areas of SDF control in the governorate of Deir al-Zour are carrying out robbing of innocent civilians almost daily.

The rural areas of Deir al-Zour have seenin flight in the eastern countryside of dier ezzor to the International Alliance and the opening of the sound barrier.

The Kurdish party Yekiti organized yesterday a demonstration against the so-called Arab belt in the city of Qamishli.

The sources said the information for the arrival of a convoy of several trucks belonging to the International Coalition from the Kurdistan region of Iraq through the crossing of Semelka to the areas of control, “SDF” in Hasaka last night, as the trucks carrying four-wheel vehicles and heavy machinery and logistical equipment.

Field Situation:

An explosive device exploded in a vehicle belonging to the “SDF” as it passed near the roundabout roundabout in the city of Manbaj countryside Aleppo today noon, and also targeted improvised explosive device, “Khaled Dibo,” the head of the local council of the city of Akhtin in the countryside of Aleppo this morning.


Economic situation:

The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Syrian pound has been set in a clear deterioration of the value of the lira against the dollar. The exchange rate of the US dollar today in Deir al-Zour:

Buying $ 1 =595 Selling $ 1 =594

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