The alliance takes the siege of “starvation” as a means of subjugating the remains of ISIS in the countryside of Deir Ezzor.

by admindiaa

The suffering of thousands of civilians in the remaining areas under the control of ISIS in Deir Ez-Zour was severely exacerbated by the siege imposed by the SDF and the International Coalition on the one hand and the regime forces on the other.

According to the information reported by the correspondent, “the Euphrates Post,” the areas of control of the organization in the eastern suburb of Deir Ez-zour suffer from a severe shortage of food and medical, Even boiled wheat is the main food component of the population, if not the only one, most of the time, due to the absence of cooking oil and other foodstuffs and supply of markets.

He added that the basic materials began to enter for days, including sugar, flour and rice, and that if they exist, they are sold at very high prices. Pointing out that a car carrying Flour entered the areas of the ISIS from areas, “SDF”, that one of the leaders of the state military organization (Iraqi nationality) monopoly it., and intended to sell the flour bag at a price ranging from 30 to 35 thousand syria pounds, although it is sold in other areas outside the control of the organization at a price does not exceed 7,000 syria pounds.

On the other hand, the International Alliance planes have issued leaflets calling on the organization’s fighters to surrender, but for the first time they showed drawings and pictures of hunger and thirst. The path to not dying from hunger is to get out of ISIS control areas, The current decision was made by the International Coalition, with the support of it.

Because of the siege imposed on the areas of the organization, has increased in recent days the number of civilian martyrs, due to the lack of Cadres and medical materials, in conjunction with the increase in the number of wounded intensity of the shelling of their areas.

On the ground, the SDF continued to target the city of Hajin with shelling while continuing to try to expel the ISIS. The sources denied the reports of the withdrawal of the organization’s elements, especially the areas between the Sousse and the Baguoz.

In the same context, the areas of Suj Albufrio and the Sarh AL-juzour and other areas in the desert of the northern Deir Ezzor countryside have witnessed displacement towards the village of Abu al-Nitel, with SDF forces advancing towards areas under the control of ISIS.

It is noteworthy that ISIS still controls a number of villages and towns in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, in addition to the city of Hajin, among them Abu al-Hasan, Abu al-Khater, al-Shaafah, al-Sousse, And Al-jazzera), attempts are underway by the “SDF” and the regime to control them.

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