“Suspicions of corruption and acquisition of projects hover over an influential company in the countryside of Deir Ezzor subject to “SDF

by editor

The cases of the North Company’s acquisition of pledges to most of the projects of the Deir Al-Zour Civil Council still raise further questions among the population within the SDF control areas of Deir Ezzor,Especially with the repeated cases of lack of quality of projects that some of them have, and some of them violate technical specifications and terms of contract, in addition to suspicions of corruption and financial manipulation.
On the details of this case, the reporter of the “Euphrates Post” stated that the company is owned by Dawood Haj Ali (from Al-Hasakah), advisor to the Deir Ezzor Civil Council,
However, one of his relatives (his cousin), who was called Abu Hassan, was confronted with it, and the residents of the area called him “the actual ruler of Deir Ezzor”, and his constant attempts to sow discord among the tribes of the region are known.
It enjoys strong immunity from Kurdish “SDF” leaders, and constantly threatens civilians and officials in local councils with the international alliance, amid information indicating that its budget today is close to $ 3 million.
The company seized most of the pledges and projects of the civil council of the governorate from electricity, water and debris removal, or the construction of gardens and paving streets, and so on.
And the information available in this field shows that the company obtained pledges from the Deir Ezzor Civil Council worth about 600 million pounds, but more than 50 million of them were virtually not implemented, because the basic services program funded by the American State is the one that implemented the largest and most important part of the buildings the Council.
Ali Muhammad (not his real name), one of the employees of Deir Al-Zour Military Council, told Euphrates Post, that the workers in the council have no problem working with their Syrian peers, but the dilemma is with more than 80 percent of the cadres of the influential Qandil It has the council, and most of them are Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish nationalities.
He added: “They are the ones who loot the assets of the eastern region in the open and with the blessing of the international coalition, of course Hamza is a name of hundreds.” According to him.

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