Statement of a “mistaken” military formation in the Badia, sponsored by Fahd Al-Masry

by admindiaa

Social media pioneers recently learned about the formation of a new military entity in the Syrian Badia
Within the 55 regions, it bears the name of the “National Guardians of the Covenant” of the Military Council for the Central Region, according to what was stated in an illustrated statement in which a number of elements appeared in the areas of influence of the international coalition in the Syrian Badia.
The Badia network has published 24 news that denied the existence of this formation and said that it does not belong to the military factions operating in the Syrian Badia, “the 55 region” that is administered by the international coalition.
The network revealed that the people appearing in the video statement received an unspecified amount from the so-called “Fahd al-Masri,” one of the founders of what is known as the “National Salvation Front” that he founded in France in 2016.
In the same context, Abdullah Abdul Karim, director of Al-Badia 24 network, stated in a special statement toEuphrates Post: The group that photographed the statement, most of whom are from the Mahin area in Homs countryside, does not exceed 10-15 members and they are not affected by the military in the area, and all The factions operating in the area denied their dependence on them.
In addition to the statement containing “soft” expressions as a friendly message to the Assad regime, as if they will not target any barrier or military piece of the Assad regime,
Al-Abdulkarim also mentioned that some of these people were not aware that the amount they received was offered by Fahd Al-Masry.
Abdel Karim added that the aim of this statement is to give legitimacy to the political entity run by Fahd Al-Masry and to establish the presence in the region, especially since the reader of the statement added that they are in coordination with the “Military Council in the South”
It is also an entity that does not exist on the ground, and therefore this move is merely “for media consumption only”.
It is noteworthy that the 55 region in the Syrian Badia includes a number of factions working with the international coalition and its base in the Al-Tanf area near the border triangle between Iraq, Syria and Jordan in addition to the Rukban camp which houses thousands of displaced Syrians.

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