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Sources for the “Euphrates Post” confirms the killing of one of the most dangerous leaders of ISIS in the process of the Alliance forces .. These details

by admindiaa

Special – Euphrates Post
Sources in the “Euphrates Post” in the countryside of Deir Al-Zour, the killing of “Abu Suhaib Iraqi”, one of the most dangerous leaders of the organization ISIS, following the air drop by the American-led coalition led by America.
According to the details provided by our sources, the coalition aircraft carried out a landing operation targeting the Abu suhaib Al-Iraqi, who occupies the Emir of the organization’s recruitment, during his arrival from an Iraqi area called urban in mid-November, accompanied by a senior financial officer of the ISIS with three other cars of the type ” Encoder “loaded with elements to protect it.
The landing took place in Badia al-Shu’aytat in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour. There were clashes for several minutes, which resulted in the killing of the Al-Iraqi and his companions, in addition to the burning of all the convoy cars completely.
Abu Suhaib is a prominent ISIS leader known for their ruthlessness, who participated in the invasion and occupation of Deir Ezzor in mid-2014, and managed to survive multiple blows to the Alliance several times, one of which was lightly injured before he died in the last landing.
Among the attempts of the previous Alliance in his assassination, what happened on April 20, when he was targeted by warplanes in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor while heading to a meeting, but managed to escape from the car he was traveling before being targeted.
The AL-Iraqi is an Arabic language graduate from the University of Baghdad, born in the Iraqi city of Fallujah in 1976. He joined al Qaeda in Iraq in 2005.
The “Abu Suhaib Iraqi” with the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011 to the Syrian border town of Albukmal with Iraq, and from there to Aleppo, where he belonged to the “brigade of ALTAWHEED,” before splitting and allegiance ISIS, and contributes significantly to the occupation of the organization of the city of Bab in Aleppo countryside North East.
With the ISIS control over the whole of Deir Ezzor, his influence began to increase, to assume the post of supervisor of the closed Islamic courses of the FSA elements.
After that he assumed the position of “Prince” and the General Director of all legal courses in what he called the organization “the state of AL-KAHIR,” has been testimony of several residents of the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, especially in the area of Abu Hammam, confirms his prominent role in the massacre Shuaitat.
He was known for his harsh personality and his hatred of anyone who stands against his idea, even if he is close to him, and is known as the “criminal”.
Of the incidents known to the Iraqi, the crime of the rule of punishment on two young people from the city of Al-Ashara in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor, the implementation of the rule of punishment in the city of Qouriya after granting them safety, namely Ali Al-Najrs and Bilal Al-Nayef.
Abu Suhaib was also known for his special relationship with Mahmoud al-Matar, Saddam al-Rakhita, Hadar al-Hadawi and Abu Hadid In addition to Ammar al-Haddawi, after helping the ISIS enter the towns and villages in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor, And the receipt of arms from its own people and its revolutionaries and the prosecution of opponents of the organization, and the punishment of them.

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