Something Dangerous Prepare in AL-Raqqa .. What is Assad’s relationship with?

by admindiaa

Recent field developments in Raqqa, the internal fighting between factions under the banner of “SDF” and intensive security campaigns in the countryside and the city, indicate serious future trends,
Is planned under the table, between regional and international forces, and it is related to the future and the fate of the entire province, what happened?
The Kurdish People’s Protection Units, the main component of the SDF, managed last weekend to resolve its conflict with the Brigade of the Riqqa Rebels,And arrested his leader, known as “Abu Issa” (before his release on Monday), in addition to dozens of elements, and two days after the siege of their headquarters in the north of Rqqa (Band 17), and the occurrence of limited clashes between the parties.
After the removal of the “revolutionaries of AL-Raqqa,” which was taken from the flag of the Syrian revolution banner, Kurdish militias have launched large-scale arrests and raids over the past few days,
They mainly included the countryside of the western and northern city, and the farms near the city, under the pretext of searching for weapons and ammunition, and arresting those accused of being former members of ISIS.
Sources from the region, confirmed to the “Euphrates Post”, that the ongoing campaigns by the Kurdish fighters in the “SDF”, including many civilians and activists opposed to the Assad regime,
And former elements of the Free Syrian Army, to expand the campaign against them during the past two days, which strengthened suspicions and rumors among the population about the existence of an agreement between the “SDF” and the regime, the return of the latter to the province, and take over conrolling to the city.
The same sources reported that the information confirms that the elimination of the “revolutionaries of AL-Raqqa” will be the beginning and not the end, and that all the components of Arabic and even Syriac and Assyrian within the “SDF” It will be like the fate of the “revolutionaries of AL-Raqqa “, leaving the arena free of “Kurdish units” preparing for “something dangerous in AL-Raqqa.”
According to the sources, the information was suggested, according to the existence of meetings between the Kurdish leadership of the “SDF” on the one hand, and officials in the government of the Assad regime took place in the AL-Tabkah and other areas under the administration of both sides within the province,Aimed at reaching an agreement to restore order to AL-Tabkah and AL-Raqqa, by creating a “security box” in both cities for the establishment of institutions belonging to the government of the regime, similar to the situation in Hasaka.
The sources pointed out that the Kurdish leadership insists on the non-return of the security institutions of the regime, and confined to civil institutions,This is done without any interference or participation by the SDF Civil Council, which lacks most of the powers that must be given to the city administration or self-determination.
Our correspondent in al-Raqqa confirmed the existence of many talk among residents about the imminent return of the system, which is currently being prepared. This prompted many young people of the city and its villages to decide to emigrate,
For fear of entering the regime at any moment, and the risk of arrest on charges of opposition to Assad, or to force them to join the ranks of his forces, under the name of compulsory or reserve service.
Our correspondent noted in this context that the possibility of limiting the return of the regime to civil institutions only, no less dangerous than the return of security institutions,
Because of the adoption of the system on the implantation of security elements within government institutions, and in numbers not a few, making the option of escape from tenderness is most appropriate for many of its young people currently.
It is noteworthy that the city of Raqqa witnessed the end of May last year, clashes between the Kurdish “units” and the “Brigade of the rebels of AL-Raqqa,” after the arrest of Abdullah al-Helu, nicknamed “Abu Haidar,” one of the leaders of the latter field,
In addition to the killing of an element in front of one of the “units” north-east of the city, and the international coalition rushed to intervene to resolve the conflict between the two factions fighting under the banner of “SDF.”
It is noteworthy that the “Brigade of the Revolution Fighters”, a military formation of Arab fighters belonging to the “SDF”, is one of the oldest allies of the “Kurdish units,” and had a role in the expulsion of the regime from Al-Rigga in March 2013, before the control of “ISIS” , Then to the town of Srin and then appointed the Arabs, and to contribute to the formation of the “operation room volcano Euphrates
With the control of the operations of the “Euphrates” in 2015 on the city of Tel-Abyad, the conflict between the “rebels of AL-Raqqa” and Kurdish fighters, after the declaration of “self-management” Kurdish city to the province of Kobany.
Observers see the situation on the ground, that the differences between Arab fighters and Kurds within the “SDF” founded at the end of 2015, could escalate for several reasons,
Including the existence of a large gap in the objectives of the Arab factions inside, with the Kurdish faction dominated the largest military formation, and the latter’s desire to extend its influence on the rest of the factions belonging to the “SDF” and eliminate any competitor, and thus be the decision of the fate of the province in his hand.
The entire province of Raqqa is currently under the control of the SDF, supported by the International Alliance Against ISIS.,


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