Security commanders of ISIS in names “Real face of fake Caliphates”

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

The security apparatus of ISIS regulation or as they says “Caliphates” considered as the most important gradual apparatuses in the regulation Structure, Compared by the military apparatus which is the most powerful without a doubt.

Let’s get to know more about this apparatus within the terrorist regulation.

the apparatus considered as the oldest in ISIS and its history began since the regulation was called “Islamic State of Iraq & Sham” as they called it when they was controlling “Fallowja” western Iraq, and since the begaining of their army formation, this apparatus was secret characterized.

During they was entering Syria from DeirEzzor and Raqqa, Aleppo, Hama with a new regions in Iraq like Mosul and Anbaar, ISIS strengthened the capacity and effectiveness of the security apparatus with absolute powers.

Where the security commanders was taking the support and acceptance of their biggest leaders, and they was raiding and arresting anybody using any method even if they killed him or killing any suspects without any investigation.

Also the members of the security apparatus has the validity to arrest anyone from the same regulation, whether he was of the police or Hisba or even from their main military army, and the “Prince of Security Commanders” considered the head of this apparatus, and he’s the first supervisor of punishments and executions “he’s more dirtiest of the head of ISIS”.

And this prince doesn’t comparable with Hisba apparatus for example which only executing the orders of executions against violators like “Adultery, magic, disbelief” and other legitimacy infractions, and even Hisba can’t executes orders without taking the opinion of the head of security apparatus, the last decision maker and the judge in most of the cases.

Since the first days of ISIS in DeirEzzor they executed randomly a lot of civilians under the leadership of “Abu Ramy Bugrus”, who executed by the regulation later, after detecting his involvement in a calls with Regime forces in the neighborhhods of Jura and Qusour, adds to theft cases inside the regulation, where this criminal was giving the execution orders without any adjudication or Investigation but according to their informers and militants sayings.

In spite of the apparatus’s large control on the regulation it includes a lot of corruption under the self-interest of most of the leaders within it, as the situation in Bukamal city, under the leadership of “Saddam AlJamal” and “Nawras AlHadeed” whom can do all what they wants due to their positions and they are well known as the biggest merchants of “Drugs and cannabis” recently in the region, but their authority prevents them of punishment, because they are a symbols of the regulation.

As all locals knows that Saddam AlJamal has appointed as the intelligence prince in the in the southern sector of the so-called Caliphtaes.

How ISIS leaders selecting their security apparatus members?

Due to the sensitivity of this apparatus, the strength, cruelty and familiarity of the region, geographically and ethnically, and absolute loyalty to the regulation are the most important conditions in selecting its elements, the joint component is followed by a three-month course, and according to this course the member selecting a specification (Military, administrative, security, media), and when he chose the security field and take the acceptance.

Then the accepted member involves in another course to get more experienced in torturing and collection of confessions, and if he passed this period then finally he will join the most terrorist apparatus of ISIS regulation.

The local (Supporter) member considered as the best and the most effective and powerful due to their acknowledge in the region and due their relationships with the local civilians, and their acknowledge also of who likes or hates the regulation, due to their gatherings with people in the region.

those local security commanders are the main reason dozens of DeirEzzor civilians death under torturing, to prove their loyalty to their lords as they think.

Where “Nawras Hadeed” of Bukamal city sons, of the first supporters of ISIS, killed a youth from Muhassan city, the youth died during torturing when Nawras was trying to withdraw confessions about the sleeper cells according to the investigation which killed the youth who (we can’t say his name recently).

one of the other main commanders in the southern sector “Abu Hassan AlHamwy”, “Azzam Muhasan and Dieyaa Muhasan”, those was of the first supporters of the regulation, where “Azzam Muhasan” appeared within “The Devil’s Revelation” and and “Euphrates Post” was the first media network which revealed his identity.

While Qureya city was the main source of ISIS security commanders eastern DeirEzzor, where a whole families works with the regulation (they recruiting a families whom close to heads of ISIS, similar to the policy of Regime previously), and of these families (Mattar, Haddawy, Hassoun) whom some of them known as a oppression and injustice like (Khalid AlHassoun, Abu Ali AlGurany and Zarqawi) due that they was an investigators inside ISIS prisons.

“Abu Esbaat AlSudany” the official of prisons in “Kheyr State” with his to aides “Abu AlZubair AlTunisy” and Abu Shamaal AlMehgany” those are the main offocoals of prisons due to their direct supervision on prsions, To implement the provisions they decide upon after consultation with the law, in particular mass executions.

Abu Huraam al-Halabi, who is still in Deir al-Zour, is participating in the killing of her youth. In cooperation with Abu Suhaib al-Iraqi and Abu al-Hawraa, a large number of young people were handed over to the government. Abu Hamam and al-Kashkiyya) and the villages of the Western Line Island (Husseiniya, Muhaymidah, and Al-Kusra).

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It is noteworthy that the organization raises a slogan for its existence entitled (succession to the curriculum of prophecy), but that the out of their prisons raise the slogan (born and inside is missing), and here they mock the prisons of the organization and similar to the prison “Sidnaya” of the criminal system Asadi.


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