The security chaos in Deir Ezzor and the chaos of thefts (ALTAFISH) takes a new turn

by admindiaa

Special – Euphrates Post

The clashes that took place two days ago between the militias of the “national defense” and “military police” in the neighborhood of AL-Joura in Dier Ezzor, an indication of the chaos in the neighborhoods under the regime in Deir Ezzor, which led to a state of great discontent among its residents, and a great fear of developments.According to the information obtained by the “Euphrates post”, large “theft” campaigns took place inside the neighborhoods that were subject to the organization of the ISIS in the center and north of the city, and after the completion of the property of civilians in the houses, Wires, cables, electrical transformers and communications towers, for the first time span include high-voltage cable lines and communications in the western neighborhoods of the city, which remained under the control of the regime during the war years.The theft of the cables came in order to obtain the copper material in it, and it is worth tens of millions of Syrian pounds (the price per square meter is 250 thousand pounds, and each meter contains about 10 kg copper). Heavy mechanisms were carried out in front of the civilians, Of the regime and the militias naturally.The result of these robberies was the severing of contacts from the office of the governor appointed by the regime and the police headquarters, most of Deir al-Zour and its security branches, militia headquarters and military units. The theft of copper cables between the air barrier and the sports city, criminal security, To the Panorama, at a distance of about 7 km, the most prominent role in the cut communications, and the cable was stolen between the neighborhoods of AL-Jubaila and AL-moadafin.The “theft” campaigns, which have been going on for weeks, have begun to take on a new course, in the form of a conflict between the so-called “The Robbers forces”, including the “national defense”, “tiger troops”, “security” and “tribal army” With the arrival of military groups from outside the province aimed at “thefts”, and armed gangs belonging to these militias appear clearly on the main streets, which led to the creation of panic among civilians.The most prominent security developments were clashes between the National Defense militia and its headquarters in Al-Joura district and a patrol of the military police, which ended with the arrest of the latter in the headquarters of the National Defense, without knowing their fate so far.Ahmed Batos, a member of the National Defense militia, is one of the main buyers of the theft. He stole a large warehouse on the 20th Street in Al-Jura neighborhood (near the Muhajirin Mosque) , And put large quantities of electrical appliances, tons of copper stolen from electrical transformers, water stations and communications towers.Ahmed Batos is completely free from all punishment, without any action by the authorities of the regime, and has reached things to buy the unloading of copper shells of tanks and artillery, and talking among civilians, that the reason for his lack of accountability or approach, he deals with senior leaders in the regime in Deir al-Zour and Damascus, and they have their shares of what he does, so he is overlooked.The information obtained by Euphrates Post earlier confirmed that the director of agriculture of the Assad regime used his influence (close to the heads of security branches) to release his father, who contributed significantly to his group in the “robberies,” and was He was arrested by a security branch.According to other information, large quantities of civilian property stolen from Deir al-Zour were transferred to the capital, Damascus, and these were bought from refrigerators, washing machines, cars and air conditioners from the user’s merchants, and then to be put on the market at low prices.
As for cables and copper, they are shipped in batches to Homs, and are believed to be destined for Aleppo.It is worth mentioning that the forces of the regime and the militias, and when they took control of the villages and towns of the western village of Deir al-Zour in the middle of this year, “stole” the property of civilians. The cars of the regime were seen carrying stolen furniture from refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, motorcycles, televisions, gas cylinders, generators and water engines. Household and agricultural, even electric bars and heaters and bathrooms were stolen.
The thefts also included livestock, whose sheep and cows were moved to the neighborhoods controlled by the regime inside Deir al-Zour (Al-Joura and AL-qusor the palaces in particular), to be sold to meat shops at different prices.According to what is expected, the city will not be the only victim of “thefts” or the western countryside before it. This is confirmed by events in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour during the past hours and days, including the establishment of the regime forces and militias in the town of Doyeer, Houses in the town on Wednesday after the theft (Taafish) most of its contents.It is worth noting that the regime’s forces and militias have consistently practiced “thefts” and theft of property in areas controlled by Syria. In recent years, large operations have been carried out, particularly in the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, Daria, Damascus, and Homs

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