“SDF” takes torture as a means to get weapons .. or revenge

by admindiaa

Special – Euphrates Post

Euphrates Post received a video showing the effects of torture on the body of one of the sons of the eastern village of Deir Ezzor after his owner was arrested by a group of the SDF militia.

According to the documented information we received, the young man from the town of Granig was arrested last Wednesday from an SDF combat group, most of its members from the province, on charges that one of his brothers was a member of ISIS, before being released on bail Friday A person, with the requirement to hand over a weapon they insisted he owned.

According to the information, the young man threatened him by killing and burned his house if he did not surrender the weapon they demanded during a certain period, despite denying that he had any weapon.

This situation is not the first of its kind, and has been repeated in several areas of Deir Ezzor under the control of the SDF recently, and the Euphrates Post managed to document a number of them.

In this context, the information confirms that most of the arrests and torture were caused by reprisals, and the argument is always that they belong to ISIS, without any evidence or witnesses to substantiate the accusation.

The arrests are usually carried out by group fighters formed by the SDF from the region and subject to its authority, before the detainee is handed over to the Asiish Kurdish intelligence, which is later to be released or kept in prison, regardless of the ongoing torture, For the opening of any investigation in this area.

The SDF requires civilians accused of belonging to the ISIS to hand over weapons to them in exchange for their release, even though they are not involved in hostilities.

The SDF policy in this area recalls ISIS’s earlier approach to Shua’at residents in 2015 when it stipulated that civilians abandoned in the summer of 2014 should be given arms in return for returning home.

It is noteworthy that the “SDF” took control of most of the towns and villages and villages of the eastern Deir Ezzor (island), following fierce battles with ISIS, and the areas of the three towns of Shoaetat (Graneej, Abu Hammam, Kashkia), including.

Following the regime’s takeover,  And “SDF” on large areas of Deir Ezzor, recorded many cases of extortion of civilians from the region, on the pretext of belonging to the ISIS, and some of them were kidnapped for days before his family to pay large sums of money, or the delivery of weapons, Not to mention public retaliation against civilians accused of belonging to ISIS.

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