“SDF” launched a large-scale arrest campaign east of town AL-Souar …. The charge: “sleeper cells”

by admindiaa

The village of Abu al-Naitel in the north-east of Deir Ezzor on Wednesday witnessed an escalation by the SDF against the residents of the area, resulting in the arrest of a large number of civilians, before the release of most of them after interrogation.The correspondent of the “Euphrates Post” in the northern of Deir Ezzor, that at four o’clock today, SDF forces, stormed the village of Abu al-Nitel east of the town of al-Souar, hours after clashes against ISIS fighters.
The correspondent added that the elements who entered the dawn to Abu al-Naitel estimated at about 1500 elements, accompanied by dozens of cars closed and other type of “Hummer”, not to mention the mechanisms carrying antipersonnel,They spread far beyond the village and its outskirts, and on the outskirts of the Khabour River (from the Saba’i area to the Namlia area). Hummer cars accompanying them also spread near the embankment.
Our correspondent also said that another force consisting of 4 inspection patrols entered the area separately from the previous force and was distributed in the areas of al-Saba’i, Abu al-Naytal and al-Sa`r, al-Mufidli and al-‘Alawi, Naum and al-Aluk. Each of these patrols consisted of 3 closed cars Including women, to search the rooms of the village women.
“SDF” forces fired at everything moving in the village, arrested a number of its sons, and according to eyewitnesses to our correspondent, the elements of the “SDF” accused the population as cells belonging to the Assad regime,Some of them have accused civilians of being ISIS cells, and alleged that heavy weapons must be delivered in the village.
At 10 am, SDF forces withdrew from the village after they confiscated light weapons, arrested dozens, and took them to SOUAR and feed post offices, after which they released most of them.
On the other hand, three explosions were heard today from the Namlia side, which was then discovered as a result of the SDF bombing of mines near the main road (near the Diab bridge).

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