“SDF” is advancing at the expense of “ISIS” east of Deir Ezzor .. and steps from ISIS to repel the new attack.

by admindiaa

Hours after the announcement of the start of its military operation to control the last control areas of the ISIS in the eastern of Deir Ezzor, SDF, with the support of the International Coalition, managed to control Hawi al-Susa and the Muzan intersection. Thus, the Baguoz was isolated from Sussaa village, but the ISIS was able to absorb the attack, counteract the “SDF” and kill and capture a number of its components.
According to Euphrates post correspondent and eyewitnesses, the military situation has overshadowed public life in ISIS-controlled areas since Tuesday morning (the beginning of Operation of SDF)
And saw the alert of all elements, amid fears among his leaders of the occurrence of schisms between the elements.
In order to disrupt the flight and facilitate the movement of elements and mechanisms, ISIS “to ignite the roads with tires and oil, and observed the withdrawal of black smoke resulting in several areas, and on the main roads, from the hagyen to the Baguoz.
On Wednesday, SDF troops moved into the outskirts of the town of Baguoz al-Fawqani, located on the border with Iraq, and managed to penetrate the Sheikh Hamad neighborhood, and concentrate in the preparatory school of Sheikh Hamad,
With reference to the fact that the “SDF” earlier dominated the Baguoz Tahtani.
A source close to “ISIS”, told the “Euphrates Post”, that the leader Abu Yaqoub al-Maqdisi, demanded the removal of all prisoners, estimated to number 700 people,
In order to fight against the “SDF”, but the organizers of the organization rejected it, for fear of “treachery,” as the source put it.
According to the latest developments in the field, a civilian was killed by the bombing of the Baguoz by the “SDF”, and targeted coalition forces stationed in the field of oil AL-Omar this afternoon,
Areas under ISIS control, while eyewitnesses reported that an SDF military convoy from the town of Bahra was heading towards the fronts of Hajin, the organization’s most prominent stronghold.
Hours earlier, fighting took place between the two sides on the outskirts of the towns of Al-Sousse and Al-Babbuz, amid the targeting of the international coalition artillery on the border, the control areas of the organization, while the Miitary flight did not miss the skies of the region.
According to our correspondent in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor, the forces of SDF may be trying to take control of the Baguoz in full and hajeen, and subsequently tighten the screws on the organization’s fighters in the Sousse and AL-shafaa.
It is noteworthy that the SDF receives support from the Iraqi “popular crowd” militias, noting that the target area is estimated to be approximately 35 km long and 10 km wide, and includes thousands of besieged civilians.

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