SDF” accelerated the pace of rapprochement towards the Assad regime …….. This initiative is presented.

by admindiaa

A source for the “Euphrates Post”, the holding of new negotiations between the Assad regime and Kurdish leaders, which is the most important component of the “SDF”, and the latter offered its initiatives to rapprochement with the system.
According to the source, who asked not to be named, the negotiations that took place this time in the city of Shaddadi countryside of southern Hasaka, and knowing of the International Alliance against ISIS, “and perhaps with the blessing of him,
During which the “SDF” delivered the border strip with Turkey to the regime, “in an escalation of the SDF and the regime against Turkey,” according to the same source.
According to the information provided in this framework, the regime demanded that the security forces open security headquarters in the cities and towns of Al-Raqqa, Tabaqa, Busayra and Thiban under the control of the SDF. Negotiations between the two sides continue in this context Euphrates Post reported that the regime is preparing to open a new water crossing in Al-Mayadim area east of Deir Ezzor, linking it to the other side of the river, which is under the SDF.
Our correspondent said that this step may be intended to encourage people in the SDF to come to areas of the regime forces and militias suffering from “population scarcity”, unlike in other areas of Deir Ezzor beyond their control.
Al-Watan newspaper, which is loyal to the Assad regime, confirmed in a news bulletin on its website that there are negotiations between the regime and the SDF.
The newspaper claimed that the most prominent conditions agreed upon between the parties, is “the removal of images of Kurdish militias and symbols and flags in areas of control, and the joining of Kurdish militia militants to the ranks of the regime’s army,And the handing over of the Yaraibiya and Simeleka crossing with northern Iraq, and the Border outlets of Darbasiya and Ras Al Ain border with Turkey,
In addition to the delivery of oil and gas fields to the Syrian Ministry of Oil and the General Administration of Rumailan and Al-Gibsa. ”
According to the same newspaper, the Kurdish delegation called for “making the Kurdish language a basic material in the government curriculum,And the granting of the seat of the Syrian Ministry of Oil to a Kurdish figure in a permanent form, and calculating the length of service of their children in the ranks of Kurdish militias from the period of compulsory service of the army of the regime.
It is noteworthy that the “units” Kurdish (the main component of SDF) has been in the past two weeks to launch large-scale campaigns in Deir Ezzor and Raqqa, which included many civilians and activists opposed to the Assad regime,
And former elements of the Free Syrian Army, to expand the campaign against them during the past two days, which strengthened suspicions and rumors among the population about the existence of an agreement between the “SDF” and the regime, the return of the latter to the province, and take over.
Our correspondent in Raqqa confirmed the presence of a talk among residents about the imminent return of the system being initialized, prompting many young people of the city and its countryside to make the decision to migrate,For fear of entering the regime at any moment, and the risk of arrest on charges of opposition to Assad, or to force them to join the ranks of his forces, under the name of compulsory or reserve service.
The entire province of Raqqa is currently under the control of the SDF, with the exception of limited areas of regime forces in rural areas,
The eastern and western countryside of Deir Ezzor is also controlled by the SDF, which runs across the regime’s control areas and the Iranian militia.

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