Regime Forced recruitment campaign in DeirEzzor.

by admindiaa
Assad’s forces launched a large-scale arrest campaign in several areas within their controlled areas of DeirEzzor for the purpose of forced conscription, Euphrates Post correspondents in the province’s countryside confirmed that it has been the most extensive since the regime regained control after withdrawal of “ISIS organization” one year ago.The raids took place today in the city of Ashara in the eastern suburb of DeirEzzor, during which a number of civilians were arrested, while others managed to flee into the SDF area on the opposite side of the river. Some of them escaped by swimming across Euphrates River.The town of Sbaikhan in the eastern countryside also witnessed Wednesday and yesterday arrests of many of its youth. The campaign also included the search for dissidents from the regime forces, and unregistered motorists and motorcyclists.AlQuriya city witnessed also similar campaign during the past two days and completed today, prompting many of its children to flee towards “Qusd” areas across the Euphrates River. Some of them were fired by the regime forces without registering casualties. According to our sources more than 20 young pirson from the city were arrested.It is noteworthy that the Assad regime recruited young people in the areas that have recently regained control in various parts of Syria, including the areas that entered through what he calls “reconciliations”, contrary to the pledges made before and during the agreements with representatives of the opposition forces controlling the The area, as happened in the south of the country (Daraa and its surroundings), and in the eastern Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus.Because of these campaigns, a large number of Syrians fled to other areas not controlled by the regime, such as the FSA controlled areas northern Syria or in areas controlled by SDF in Raqqa, Hasaka and DeirEzzor.

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