The Rape a new weapon in Deir Ezzor .. Documenting 5 cases and horrific testimonies of victims

by admindiaa

At a time when the sounds of artillery shelling and air strikes were high, and the news and coverage of the aftermath of the shooting of the bullets behind the remaining ISIS in Deir Ezzor were hidden, the scenes of another weapon that had previously been used in detention cells and in the cellars and interrogation rooms disappeared. From prison buildings and detention centers, to set foot in Deir Ezzor
Euphrates Post, through the efforts of those who cooperate with her on the ground, documented five cases of rape of the women and girls of returned to their homes in the countryside of Deir Ezzor, after ISIS was expelled from them recently, without the fact that they would become the first victims of the new reality imposed by the two dominant forces On the ground, supported by world powers, and assisted by an international approach that envisaged the salvation of ISIS, in return for overlooking the price to be paid, the background of the makers of this goal, the legality of their actions, and their interim and future goals.
The cases we were able to document are 5 cases, 4 of which were the victims of the regime and allied militias. The crime scene is the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside (the southern bank of the Euphrates River) and the vicinity of Deir Ezzor.
The fifth case took place in areas under the control of the SDF militia in the eastern village of Deir Ezzor (the northern bank of the Euphrates River).
During the documentation journey, Euphrates Post developed effective measures and measures that ensure the safety of the victim in the first place, through confidentiality, documenting what happened through the method of “narrative documentation” and detailing individual testimonies and testimonies.
To fulfill this requirement, the Network has taken upon itself to answer five basic questions: who is the victim, the aggressor, and the witnesses (if available)? What happened?. Where did the incident take place? And when? And how did it happen? To produce information and documented testimonies of the victims, which can be submitted to the relevant international organizations and bodies, in order to prevent the obliteration of these crimes, to hold their perpetrators accountable and to avoid recurrence by the conflicting military forces in Syria.
These rapes are the first of its kind during the war in Deir Ezzor, and the tribal nature of the region may increase the future negative effects of these crimes on the one hand, and on the other hand, the absence of such incidents on an exceptional basis, confirms that what happened was systematic. In Deir al-Zour for political, social and sectarian purposes, and therefore can not be classified as individual actions.
Regardless of the goals and objectives, the consequences of this situation require attention and follow-up, because their effects are comparable to those of gun and cannon nozzles, and may be dangerous.

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