PYD militias (The Kurdish copy of Syrian Baath)

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

After the last updates in the borderline between Syria and Turkey, especially in the controlled regions of BKK militias in Syria, where the tension among Kurdish factions in Hassakah province increased due practices of PYD with its militias, where Kurds holded PYD the responsible of making them entering a war they can’t face it.

Especially because they are in contact with the Arab majority in the province, in spite of this arab majority can’t face the huge support and the media machine of PYD which takes the charge (belongs to ISIS) ready charge, and accuses with this charge anyone tryes to expose their crimes and their dealing with Regime.

Must of Kruds knows and recognizes well the crimes of BKK, they even call PYD (The Kurdish copy of Syrian Baath) because this party mastered the leasons of Regime forces in repression, and in repeating a national slogans justifies suppression which even Kurds hadn’t been safe of it.

A few days ago, specifically at 10:30 am on Tuesday 2/5/2017 armed militias belonging to the PYD party closed the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Qamishli, and arrested several members of the local council, and the reason that this party does not accept any criticism even from the Kurds themselves, Because they’re is at war!!

This reminds us of the former Baathist statement (No voice above the voice of the battle), as well as continuous raids and arresting campaigns, and forced recruitment campaigns that even extended to Arab villagers displaced by separatist militias.

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