Protests increased against SDF in DeirEzzor countryside.

by admindiaa


Civil protests increased within SDF controlled areas in the eastern countryside of DeirEzzor governate due to SDF violations against civilians in the area, not to mention the bad service reality despite passing a year of expelling ISIS terrorist organization from these areas.
During the past two weeks until tuesday and wednesday, a towns in DeirEzzor countryside witnessed a lot of demonstrations which led to security disturbances caused by SDF militants who used their weapons to Suppress protests.
AlJea’a village in the western countryside of DeirEzzor witnessed a gathering of people who condemned the practices of SDF who killed a guy in the village without knowing the reasons or holding the perpetrators accountable.
As for Abu AlNetel village in the north east countryside, Euphrates Post correspondent said that: There’s a clashes in between a guys from the village and one of SDF patrols then the patrol militants sieged the village and arrested two guys, later civilians protested against these violations, but the SDF sent a military convoy supported by International coalition in order to suppress these protests.
The correspondent added: A number of civilians left the area as a result of the deterioration of the security situation inside, noting that the same village witnessed demonstrations last Ramadan after SDF forces executed civilians there, and was also suppressed by force.
In this context, SDF militia killed last Monday a child during a heavy gunfire on the people protesting in the town of “Swedan Jazeera” east of DeirEzzor, the demonstrations broke out, against the backdrop of the theft by SDF militants for a shops nearby the main street and demoliting the bow at the entrance to the town.
AlHsaan town in the western countryside also witnessed a demonstrations cutting of the highway and burning tires during the past hours after the military police of SDF raided a house and killed one of DeirEzzor military council militants which belongs to SDF, under the charge of “theft” whom was shot directly and dead this morning affected of wounds.
Noteworthy that civilians in the who living within SDF controlled areas in Raqqa and DeirEzzor are suffering of the nonexistent of services and hard living conditions, displaced camps are also scattered throughout the two governorates, despite the years of its establishment, in front of eyes of international organizations employees operating in the region.

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