Lies promoted by Regime, and the whole world believed it

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post
The siege of DeirEzzor, declared by the regime’s forces and allied militias, has become the main news item of the last Tuesday that the “army of the regime” is the real savior of the Syrians from a ISIS organization and that DeirEzzor has been “liberated” by his hands almost completely. The land and history of what happened in this region, they say another novel.
The story of the siege of DeirEzzor began in mid-January 2015, but the opposition or Regime media did not oppose the regime or its supporters did not focus on the backdrop of the siege imposed by ISIS organization, about six months after the occupation of most of DeirEzzor after the expulsion of opposition fighters and “Nosra Front” of it.
At the end of 2014, the system and the networks loyal to it, the dissemination of dozens of pictures and videos showing the representation of soldiers of bodies belongs to ISIS fighters, pulled from the fronts of fighting in DeirEzzor, especially the terminals of the military airport.
This incident was repeated more than once, during which the regime tried to show that the civilian population was involved in these murders and that they were satisfied and support.
The organization then decided to sieging the remaining neighborhoods and villages in Deir al-Zour under the control of the regime, namely the villages of Ayyash and Baghiliyya and neighborhoods of Joura and the palaces and houses of Ayyash and parts of the neighborhoods of Mwadafeen and Arifi and Jubaila on the western side of the city, and the village of Jafra and the military airport and Hai Hrabesh and al-Tahtouh and parts of other neighborhoods In the eastern side.
The regime, with the onset of the siege, has promoted lies and broadcast stories that serve its point of view, concealing the greater part of reality, supported by the Arab and foreign media supporting it, and in some cases receiving indirect and perhaps unintended support from the opposition to promote these stories.
The first and most famous lies, was “Exaggerate” in population number whom besieged with the aim of bringing international sympathy and the political exploitation of this paper, but the fact is that the population of the besieged areas was about 350 thousand prior to the siege, and with the announcement of preventing entry to these neighborhoods and allow civilians wishing to exit them, reduced to that number during the first months significantly, before the regime decided to close the exit road except through aircraft , And far from paying large sums.
The number of civilians has continued to decline in the last two years, bringing the current estimated population to around 60,000, but the system has so far continued to promote a lie that the number of people trapped is close to 200,000, sometimes reducing the number to 150,000.
The other lie, the promotion of order to the world, is that the siege was only by a ISIS, while each of them joined it. perhaps the first months were the biggest proof of this, by preventing the regime from leaving the civilians months after the siege began. But the regime, sensing that these neighborhoods would be emptied of civilians because of the massive exodus, prevented civilians from leaving (except after large sums of money), in order to take them as human shields and to keep them as a political and media card for their benefit.
The third lie promoted by the regime locally and internationally during the years of siege, says that the main concern was the suffering of civilians at home, and that he devoted his aircraft with Russian aircraft to do so, and indeed there were cases of parachutes carrying aid almost daily, but most of them not to the regime, UN aid, while the regime and the Russians were very limited. Most of them depended on throwing fuel to operate the system’s mechanisms, or to lay down their arms, and few provided food.
The regime promoted another lie by broadcasting figures and statistics on its health services, and thanks to its efforts still under control, and preventing the publication of many reports of outbreaks of diseases among the civilian population. They were circulated through classified books between the government agencies of the regime, Except for some, and for certain purposes.
The question here is that the regime does not want to reveal that hunger, disease and epidemics are spread among civilians only, without its soldiers, slaughterers and militia elements, and that international assistance to civilians was an important aspect of medicine. But most of them go to the forces of the regime and the security forces and militias. The other side is the continuation of the regime in the promotion of the novel that it can manage the civilian areas even in the most difficult circumstances, unlike in the opposition.
The lies promoted by the regime, and escalated in the past few hours, are the world’s illusion that it is the only savior of Syrian civilians from hunger, killing and siege, and that the humanitarian side has dominated the political and military side in the battle to lift the siege.
But the reality is that hunger, killing and siege are especially for the children of DeirEzzor, which these forces committed more than doubling the number of times.
It is appropriate to recall the massacre of the jura and the palaces carried out by the regime forces against the civilians living in the same neighborhood, “On September 25, 2012, more than 300 civilians were killed in cold blood, in order to subdue and intimidate the people of the city.
In this context, it cannot be denied that the regime has not ceased in the past five years (using the same areas that claimed to have been liberated from the siege) from the DeirEzzor neighborhoods, which are not subject to all types of weapons, killing and injuring thousands of civilians.
The new lie that the Assad regime is now promoting is that, through its military achievement today, it has managed to control the whole or most of DeirEzzor, but in reality the of the city of DeirEzzor has changed only in the lifting of the siege. As is the case for years, that is, the media, whose news about the ability of the regime’s forces to “liberate DeirEzzor” is in vain. In fact, it has lifted the siege of neighborhoods under its control, without advancing a single inch in the other neighborhoods, 5 years.

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