A large attack to the ISIS, east of Deir Ezzor .. and large losses in the ranks of the regime forces and “SDF”

by admindiaa

Special – Euphrates Post
On the one hand, the regime and its allied militias on the one hand and the SDF militia on the other have suffered the greatest casualties in Deir Ezzor weeks ago, as a result of attacks by ISIS in the last 48 hours in Deir Ezzor Eastern countryside (on the banks of the Euphrates River North and South).
According to the latest information received by the “Euphrates Post” from its correspondents and sources in the countryside of the province, that the organization launched on Friday, a large attack on Badia of Qouriya (shrine of AIN Ali) and the twon mihkan and the Cemeteries of AL-ashara , killing and wounding a large number of elements of the regime And allied militias, in addition to the Arrest of several others.
On the other hand, the last attack carried out by the organization on these areas, artillery shelling, and ambushes near the Humima area and the oil field ALKAM.
The fighting has so far resulted in ISIS taking control of areas of the Badia, days after it took control of the village of Maiziliya in the Badia as well, and then launched attacks on the twons boqrus and ALmyadin city .
Of the large casualties suffered by the regime as a result of the ISIS attacks, as documented so far, 13 elements, all from the western Homs countryside, were killed after the attack on their positions in the countryside of AL- BuKamal on Thursday.
The areas attacked by the organization included the surrounding areas of Ash’ir in Bukamal, north and west of the town of Albukamal and the surrounding areas of Al-Kushma and Sabikhan. The latter witnessed violent clashes during the past 24 hours, forcing the regime’s forces to bring in large military reinforcements, .
The Russian warplanes returned to fly heavily in different parts of the eastern countryside to support the forces of the regime and militias in the battles, and targeted in the last raids in the vicinity of the towns of Kishma and Sobikhan.
The “SDF” militia, in turn, was attacked by the organization by targeting its areas in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor in the northern bank of the Euphrates River, and the intensity of the attacks led to its withdrawal from the badia from the town of Shaafeh to the Baguz.
The ISIS attacks on the SDF sites killed and captured a number of the latter in the town of Granig. Many of its members were also killed in the attack on badia al- Shafaa , also called the International Alliance’s warplanes, to repel the organization’s attack and secure the withdrawal of SDF elements. From some areas.

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