ISIS demise during the next few weeks.

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post


The current situation of ISIS organization and the state of confusion, fear and loss of confidence within the main commanders or even the normal militants, indicates the end of the organization of the whole region, especially within the members of the media and military apparatus, and that’s very clear in the last withdrawals in Raqqa province and the losses in (Debsy Afnan, Debsy Faraj, Fkhekha, AlSalmiya, Muaizela, Ber Mleahan, Mshrafat AlSaab, AlJariyat and Qusour), and other several regions in the countryside of Aleppo, which the last one of it was Maskana city.


In addition to the executions increased against the innocent civilians in the two provinces of DeirEzzor and Raqqa during the last weeks, as well as the media apparatus deterioration which was previously the best apparatus in the organization and the most effective weapon of ISIS.


The situation of defeat has been almost as public within ISIS ranks, after sending a number of clan’s shiekhs of Raqqa towards DSF “QSD” officials to under the aim of stopping the battle and secure a safe withdrawal to ISIS militants, and fast delivery of the city.


Commenting on this talk observers say that: ISIS terrorist mentality couldn’t admits defeat except if they lost a huge number of their main commanders, whom forms the foundation stone and the source of inspiration for the new fighters.


And that’s exactly what happened after the death of the main legitimate man in the organization “Turky AlBenAli” in Syria, who was the basic reference in many cases of their successor “Baghdady” who still out of sight.


This coincided with the killing of a professional journalist in ISIS and the founder of the Amaq Agency (Mohammad Baraa Kadik) who known as “Rayan Mishal”, the basic producer of the visual publications of the jihadist action movies, in their eyes, which increased the enthusiasm and the brutality of the organization’s terrorists.


After the series of losses and splits within the organization, they wanted this organization to Save face of (Superman) in front of those whom follows his Hollywood plays, based on the element of excitement and attract the attention of the viewer with a lot of oppression and the supernatural fake force that adopts the bombing operations even if it was Mars.


The organization militants and commanders are searching now adays for any victory even if it was a small useless victory to leicester on their so-called “Caliphates” which based on the blood of innocent civilians and former fighters of FSA.


As soon as the last process appeared in the Iranian parliament, ISIS media men quick to adopting the operation, to satisfy their supporters whom knows that this propaganda did not worth atintion, after ISIS removed the mask and show the real face of gang which veiled behind religion, and it’s even a main hand of Iran in the region.

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