Iran’s militia redeployed east of Deir Ezzor .. and vows a “harsh response”

by admindiaa

The multi-national militias located in the eastern countryside of Deir Al-Zour have redeployed their forces and elements in anticipation of new attacks, according to sources with the “Euphrates Post”, who asked not to be named.

The information provided to us by our sources on Tuesday indicates that militias from the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Fatimid Brigade of Afghanistan, the Iraqi Popular crowd,Has conducted during the past 24 hours a wide redeployment, especially in the countryside of Boukmal and on the Syrian-Iraqi border, following the attack that took place on Sunday, killing and wounding dozens.

The move comes from militant militias along with the Assad regime backed by Iran, in conjunction with statements made by the US and Israel to “harsh response” after targeting sites in the east of Syria.

The crowd iraq militia issued a statement in which it admitted killing 22 people and wounding 12, accusing the US Air Force of bombing point 45 and 46 by air strikes on the border with Syria with two missiles. The latest air strikes against the Assad regime and Hezbollah guerrillas, And the “popular crowd” in the area of Boukmal to more than 72 dead, and dozens wounded.

In response to these accusations, the agency “AFP” on Monday quoted a US official as saying, The United States has “reasons to believe” that Israel launched an air strike on Sunday night against a force of the Iraqi “popular crowd” militia in the town of Hari in eastern Syria.

“We have reasons to believe that it is an Israeli strike,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The statement came after the United States denied that it or the international coalition it led against “ISIS”, who carried out the raid.

Al-Hurra channel quoted an American official as saying that the air strike was carried out by the Israeli Air Force and targeted a group loyal to Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Israel, in turn, refused to comment on the US statements, and a spokeswoman for the French news agency: “We do not comment on reports issued abroad.”

Euphrates Post had earlier obtained information that the militias fighting with the Assad regime in the eastern of Deir Ezzor had changed the insignia that were fighting in its name, and had instead put badges for the regime’s forces.

According to sources in the region, who asked not to be named, the elements of the militias in the city of Boukmal and the neighboring areas where they are deployed, began wearing uniforms of the forces of the regime,

With the label “Fifth Corps” to mislead the calls for the withdrawal of Iranian militias from Syria.

According to the same sources, Iran’s move in the region indicates its willingness to pay attention to international pressure to withdraw from Syria,

It also shows the regime’s inability to re-establish its influence over the areas it regained control with the support of its Russian and Iranian allies, without the survival of the multinational militias it has supported over the past years.

The sources also pointed out that another goal of this step is the desire of Iranian militias to avoid any Israeli air strikes that might target them, as was the case in other areas of Syria.

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