Iran strengthens its presence in Deir Ez Zor Campaign on Idlib and countryside of Hama affect the reality in eastern Syria

by admindiaa


Euphrates Post has received special information from a source who asked not to be named for security reasons, according to which the eastern suburb of Deir al-Zour witnessed a change in the dominant forces over the past two weeks, It is meant to increase the control of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Tehran-backed militias, especially the area stretching from the city of Mayadeen to the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The source added that the new situation came after the withdrawal of large forces of the Assad regime from a large number of headquarters, in order to provide the regime forces in the countryside of Hama and Idleb with more elements, and support the campaign of the regime and the Russians in the north of Syria

Some of the “national defense”, “Jerusalem Brigade” and “Katraji” militias in the villages of Deir al-Zour, as well as the headquarters of the regime’s intelligence, remain focused on launching campaigns to arrest those wanted.

The source pointed out that the Russian forces at the same time, may be limited to today’s interest in the formation of patrols near Albuqmal, in addition to the headquarters in Meditny Deir Ezzor and the fields only.

In this context, the Revolutionary Guards, the Jerusalem Brigade and Hezbollah have reinforced their positions in the eastern countryside of Deir Al-Zour during the past few days by sending more reinforcements and opening new headquarters, noting that the areas of Harri and Suez in rural areas Boukmal is under the control of the Iranian-backed “popular crowd” militias.

It is worth mentioning that Russia had earlier points of concentration near Al-Bukamal, Al-Ashara and Al-Ward in Salhia, in addition to patrols in several areas in the eastern countryside, and sometimes for two weeks.

In the past months, many elements of the regime have joined the Iranian militias in the province because of the material temptations offered by Tehran to its affiliates, not to mention promises not to send them to other areas of fighting, whether in the Syrian north or elsewhere outside the province.

Since the expulsion of the “state organization” from Deir al-Zour over a year and a half ago, Iran has sought to entice the population through service and education projects, and health services from the opening of clinics and small field hospitals for its soldiers and militia.

It is an important part of securing the control of the Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus road. Thus, the province is the important link in Iran’s land corridor to Lebanon and the Mediterranean through Syria and Iraq, except that Deir Al-Zour is a wealth Oil and gas.

Fox News earlier revealed new satellite images showing Iran was building a border crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border, opening a secure road from Iran to Lebanon to smuggle arms and oil.

The channel pointed out that Iran is building a border crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border, which will open a road safe from Iran to Lebanon to smuggle weapons and oil,Within the area controlled by Tehran-backed militias from both sides, where Iran has intensified its presence in the region since last summer.

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