In the presence of the mayor and blessing PYD to graduate internal security courses

by admindiaa

Special – Euphrates Post
AL- Hasaka
On April 23, 2018, the Police Command of Al-Hasakah held a ceremony for the graduation of the fifth class of officers and individuals affiliated with the Internal Security Forces from the governorate.
During the ceremony held at the Al-Hasakah center of crowd control , the graduates presented athletic and military performances,
In addition to offers and exercises on weapons and raids for what they described as “terrorist hideouts.”The trainees confirmed their readiness to carry out all the combat tasks assigned to them after the military exercises they received, as well as the readiness to carry out the daily tasks,And that they will be the effective force of the Assad regime’s army in the province of Hasaka.
The ceremony was attended by the Governor of the regime in Al-Hasakah “Jayez Al-Mousa” accompanied by a number of officers and supporters of the regime, As head of police and director of the rehabilitation and training department of the Ministry of the Interior, and commander of military operations in the province .
It is noteworthy that the governor and his accompanying officers of the regime have passed while heading to the training center located in the center of the city of Hasaka,Passed several barriers of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) near Al Amal School before reaching their final destination.
This comes amid the fears of the local population of repeated tension between the parties, which began in 2015 after the assassinations and assassinations between the parties in order to expand full influence.
The Democratic Union then moved its unofficial arm “Abogia” to hit the strongholds of the regime after the latter fired mortars from his branches of security in the city towards different areas, before finally settling things and return power sharing as is the case today.

The attached photo shows the delegation accompanying the governor of Al-Hasakah as they pass through the city’s PYD barrier.

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