What happened between the coalition and the regime in the countryside of Deir Ezzor .. And what is the importance of the region that witnessed the biggest confrontation between them?

by admindiaa

The Deir Ez-Zour countryside witnessed a sudden military development between the regime’s forces and allied militias on the one hand and the international coalition supporting the SDF militia on Wednesday.
The Euphrates Post, through its correspondent in the region, got the details of what happened, and how things developed into this trend, which is the most violent between the two sides.Our correspondent said that the beginning was with the forces of the regime and the militias that tried to progress from the village of Tabiya to the new area of Akidat, which is not under the control of either party, and is a separation between them, to alliance through the aircraft hit the military line.
Our correspondent added that the regime and its allies had bombed the Koniku field under the alliance and the SDF. This was followed by intensive helicopter flights by the coalition, during which the attacking forces were heavily targeted, and raids were carried out on the positions of the regime and militias in the towns of Khasham and Murat. At 4 am today.
The correspondent pointed out that the “SDF” stationed in the field of oil age, in turn, targeting the forces of the regime and militias in the towns of Khasham and neighboring areas with rockets, prompting some residents of the jadid Akidat, Dahla and Sabah, to the fear of the escalation of military developments.
The commander of Deir Ezzor military council of the “SDF” Ahmed al-Khubail, nicknamed “Abu Khawla”, in this area, that the bombing and raids coalition resulted in the destruction of 9 guns and 8 tanks.
A US official said in statements to Reuters, announced the killing of more than 100 elements of the regime forces and militias, adding that the forces that carried out the attack was about 500 elements, supported by artillery and tanks and multi-barrel systems and mortar rounds.
In a related context, the “Euphrates Post” obtained from its sources information that the International Alliance monitored 48 hours ago crossing a large number of the regime forces with their mechanisms of the Euphrates River, but did not target them only after trying to progress yesterday.
On the other hand, our sources reported that a helicopter landed at Deir Ezzor military airport this morning and includes a number of senior Russian military commanders to follow up on dangerous field developments in Deir Ez-Zour military
The importance of JADID Akidat for the forces of conflict, as confirmed by our correspondent, is that it is an area not subject to any of the military forces actually exist, it is a separation between the areas controlled by the system in the eastern countryside, and “SDF,” but the latter usually pass its forces to reach the field of Jafra, Without any attempt to be concentrated, in addition to facing the oil fields that control the coalition and “SDF”.
This is not the first time that the coalition, the regime and the militias have been confronted in Deir Ezzor in recent months. It was the first time that the coalition bombed a bridge near the Muhaimida area in the western village of Deir Ezzor, which the regime and the Russians tried to build to move to the other side of the river.
The coalition then struck a point of the regime forces in Husseiniya in the countryside of Deir al-Zour, and the system then became a military point run by the Russians, to avoid new strikes of the alliance

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