From Deir Ezzor and famous for his suspicious deals .. The regime arrested one of his “men” for the embezzlement of two billion SP.

by Euphratespost

Euphrates Post recived from a special source that the state security intelligence arrested Mohammed Amin, one of the most prominent traders supported by the Assad regime and its security branches, and those who had accumulated great wealth during the years of war in Syria.
According to the source, AL-Amine was arrested with a number of employees of the Commercial Bank of Syria, and one of the charges against him, “manipulation and embezzlement in bank credits,” before being released after the intervention of the Minister of Justice in the government of the regime, Although he was accused of embezzling an amount exceeding two billion pounds, while retaining the staff of the bank in prison, but the same authority returned and arrested him in the past hours.
The information obtained by Euphrates Post indicates that Muhammad Amin, nicknamed “Bunny” or “Hamdi” from the village of Hatala in the village of Deir al-Zour, was not known for his work in trade before the war. He worked in a sanitary ware shop in Mafraq Salihia Roundabout.
According to one of his relatives, his material condition before 2011 was almost non-existent, and was known at the time to carry out scams on a number of relatives and acquaintances and the people of his region.
According to the information, at the beginning of the war, Amin entered into suspicious business relations with the interior minister of the regime, Muhammad al-Sha’ar, through Zul-Himma Shalish, one of the most prominent personalities of the head of the regime, Bashar al-Assad, and one of the whales of money in Syria.
After expanding his relations with people close to Assad, Amin went further to exploit Syria’s war to carry out more suspicious and illegal activities, set up a large number of escorts to protect him, bought properties in old Damascus, Important areas of the capital, valued at billions of lira.
In the past two years, his work has evolved into the establishment of a security guard company licensed by the government of the regime, in addition to the establishment of oil companies and other import and export, exploiting his close ties with ministers in the system, who gave him a lot of facilities in return for receiving huge financial bribes.
According to the source close to the regime, the capture of Amin may be behind him a new policy began by Assad’s pressure under the pressure of Russia, the liquidation of his partners in the war that led to the Syrian people, and began with traders and influential people who have made a fortune in a few years.
The source pointed out that the arrest of Amin comes within the framework of Assad’s attempt to show himself the position of the strong, and claimed that he seeks to devote the institutional work, and to inspire support and regional and international forces that he follows this approach, and that he is able to restore his security and economic grip on the country, It is noteworthy that the social media has seen in recent months, the increasing number of pages and networks established by supporters of him, which allegedly aims to “fight corruption” and “detect corrupt”, coincided with the increasing news that the arrest of military and economic figures famous With great corruption during the war, they were working in front of the eyes of the branches of the security system, supported and facilitated by them.

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