East of Deir Ezzor again ignites between ISIS and “SDF” …A big disagreement within the organization caused by “Baghdadi”

by admindiaa

After weeks of an unspoken truce between the two sides, the battles between the ISIS organization on the one hand, and the “SDF” militia supported by the International Alliance, on the other, resumed ignition in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, In conjunction with the occurrence of clashes and internal fighting is the largest of its kind among the fighters themselves.

According to the correspondent of the “Euphrates Post” in the countryside of Deir al-Zour, “SDF” on Friday launched an attack on the city Hajeen, the main stronghold of the organization, and with the support of the warplanes and helicopters of the alliance,To witness the neighborhood of hovercraft on the outskirts of the city the most prominent clashes between the parties, and responded to the organization by an attack on the outskirts of the town of Bahra, during which he detonated four car bombs.

According to the information provided by our correspondent, one of the reasons for the renewed confrontations was the escape of prisoners, in addition to elements believed to be agents of the coalition, who were planted within the organization and managed to escape to areas under the control of the SDF.

The information also indicates that the reasons for the return of the fighting were the failure of negotiations in which the SDF offered to transfer the remaining ISIS elements in the rural areas of ALBu- Kamal to areas under the control of Hama and Idlib. However, this proposal was rejected by Iraqi elements who insisted on staying in Region.

On the other hand, a source for the “Euphrates Post,” who asked not to be named, that violent clashes in the town of Shaafah appeared yesterday Thursday, lasted until hours on Friday night, The group included ISIS elements in the region who were divided into two groups. The first included dozens of the organization’s foreign fighters, who demanded the allegiance of a new Caliph on the ground instead of al-Baghdadi,Which they described as “nothing more than a fantasy” for refusing to appear so far despite all the developments since the summer of last year and so far.

The call was met with strong opposition from the other side of the organization’s Iraqi fighters, some of whom called for the claim of a new caliph to be considered “Khawarij and they must be eliminated and their wives” if they did not back down from their calls.According to the same sources, the fighting stopped after the mediation of jurists called to not be dragged “behind the sedition,” although the party calling for the appointment of a new successor insisted that the successor must appear in the field,

Pointing to the siege they have suffered for months, stressing that the executions carried out by elements within the organization on the pretext that they have become “Khariji-Apostate for religion-“, must stop.

It is noteworthy that ISIS still retains a number of areas in the eastern Deir Al-Zour countryside, most notably Hajin, Shaafah, Sousse, Bakaan jazeera, Al-Bagouz near the Iraqi border, as well as the salt wells of Tel Shire and Deishisha in the southern Hasaka countryside on the Iraqi border, Deir al-Zour (Shamia), and the village of Mezaylea and the perimeter of the AL-KAM field.

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