“DSF” announces beginning a big operation to Expel ISIS from Raqqa.

by admindiaa


“Exclusive” Euphrates Post


Democratic Syria Militia “QSD” announced last tuesday the beginning of “Liberating Raqqa Operation” and expeling ISIS organization from it, under the support and coordination with the International Alliance forces, within the campaign of “Euphrates Anger”.


The official spokeman of “QSD” brigadier “Talaal Sello” said within a press Conference in “Hazima” town in Raqqa northern countryside, said that the the forces which participating in the battle are: Women Protection Units, Rebels Army, Kurds Front, The Democratic North Brigade, Tribs Forces, Maghawir Homs Brigade, Suqour AlRaqa, Tahreer Brigade, Salajeqa Brigade, Sanadeed Forces, Syriac Military Council, Menbij Military Council, DeirEzzor Military Council, With the participation of Elite forces and Self-protection forces.


Sello adds that: the attack on Raqqa will be part of the fifth phase of the “Euphrates Anger” campaign, which began in November last year with support from the US-led international coalition.


Sello also asked Raqqa city civilians to be far away of ISIS organization headquarters and away also of battle fronts, calling on civilians to support our forces and cooperate with them to carry out their tasks to the fullest, and we invite young men and women to continue to join the ranks of “QSD” to participate in the liberation of their city.


Noteworthy that Raqqa city considered as the capital of ISIS organization in Syria, which they controlled a large regions of it with the beginning of the year 2014, after less than a year of FSA had controlled it after a violent battles against Regime forces.

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