The delusions of federal elections advocated by self-management

by admindiaa

Special – Euphrates Post
Every month passes, we are surprised by the so-called “self-management” of new law, elections, structure and national terms imposed by the PYD; once the “commune” elections ended on 22 September, A short time will be announced the election of the provincial councils (Al-Jazeera – Euphrates – Afrin) and then “Democratic Peoples Conference” issued by the Federal Parliament in northern Syria!
As usual, the media choir of the separatist party PYD begins to glorify and bless this brilliant and eloquent policy of devising the ancient Aryan solutions that the people of Rouge Afa will rejoice from Hasaka to Afrin!
The “self-management” policy knows very well that the great number of political recipes and the flood of details are the ideologies of this Kurdish separatist party, which began to feel floundering in front of the Arab flood that surrounds it from all sides, especially after the displacement of thousands of the sons of Deir al-Zour to the province of Hasaka Arab majority.
But on the other hand we see that many Kurdish politicians who were supportive of the policy of “self-management”, according to their Kurdish separatists, have been fed up with this deceitful political farce and failed administration that does not express the substance and the real demand for the so-called “Kurdish issue,” which calls for secession – Khader Abdulkarim Agha Abu Midas, a Kurdish political activist from Al-Hasakah province. Although he works as a trainer and lecturer in civil society and human rights centers, this did not prevent him from describing the Arabs of Hasaka and Deir Al-Zour as red Indians. He said:Self-management avoided national rights, and is talking to the brothers of the peoples in the context of the defense of the American Indians, perhaps the time to dissolve the Council and self-management through their arguments ”
As for Arabs, we do not know what is left of the national rights of the Kurds, after the imposition of Kurdish curriculum in schools, and after the Arab element in the province of Hasakah marginal, and after the streets of Hasaka, and the walls and facilities and public facilities are filled with images of the spiritual leader Abdullah Ocalan!

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