Deir Ezzor from military chaos to security chaos .. These are the most prominent manifestations

by admindiaa

Special – Euphrates Post
In recent weeks, the period of “military chaos” that Deir al-Zour has experienced over the past several months has diminished, leaving thousands of civilian casualties. A large wave of displacement has become the largest during the war, due to raids, shelling and battles in which many war crimes taboos were committed.
As soon as the “military chaos” saw its last breath in Deir al-Zour, the governorate entered the stage of “security chaos”, which is no less dangerous than it, and its victims are the civilians, the crimes varied against it and the many hands of actors. The worst in Syria now.
The security chaos is spread throughout the governorate, which is shared by the SDF, on the one hand, and the regime’s forces and allied militias on the other, as well as limited areas still under ISIS control in the far eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor
The Euphrates Post has documented many crimes against civilians and will publish its data in a sequential manner.
If we leave organized theft(ALTAFISH), which has been widely known, the most important manifestations of the current security chaos are the spread of looting, the burglary , murder and Enforced disappearance , not to mention the continued destruction of infrastructure that was a priority of military campaigns To the forces of conflict in the region, and is currently completed through different means and methods.
According to the information obtained by the “Euphrates Post”, “SDF” areas are the scene of “robberies”, looting and the spread of the bandits, especially at night, which avoids the majority of civilians leaving their homes after 6 pm, and the implementation receives support from groups inside “SDF”, and there is what is implemented individually, because of the lack of accountability for its perpetrators, and some of them receive protection from military leaders in the “SDF”, albeit indirectly.
Some cases of looting and “burglary” resulted in deliberate killing and theft of houses, all the contents of which came to the disposal of the laundries themselves.
Extortion, in turn, has spread widely within both the SDF and the regime. The blackmail is the membership of ISIS, some of whom were abducted for days before their parents succumbed to large sums of money, let alone the public reprisals against the owners. They are accused of belonging to ISIS, or through abduction and enforced disappearance, and perhaps the most obvious result is the spread of the phenomenon of unidentified bodies found occasionally in different regions.
From the last record in this area, the body of a son of the town of Mohsen was found in the desert of Granig, five days after his loss.
In addition, a group of the Asaish militia of the SDF forcibly removed a displaced person from the town of Deir al-Zour from his rented house in Al-Husan village and threw their objects outside the house on the grounds that the owner of the house was a ” ISIS “, in order to use their home-based.
Rape of the results of the “security chaos” also, and documented the “Euphrates Post” many cases, mostly in areas subjected to the regime again and amounted to 4 cases, one of its victims was killed after being raped, and there is a fifth case in the area of Deir Ezzor recently underwent “SDF
What distinguishes the ongoing security chaos in Deir al-Zour is that it has particularly affected the areas that have recently ended ISIS control and have been the scene of the greatest security abuses, under the pretext of loyalty and support for the organization.
The remainder of the villages and areas in the eastern village of Deir al-Zour remained subject to the ISIS, and its link to the security chaos in recent days, and unprecedented in the years of the war, the latest of which unknown groups steal the houses of civilians in the town of Sousse in the countryside of Albukmal, Doors and windows of this act.
It is necessary to focus on the “security chaos” in Deir al-Zour, which has also affected the infrastructure. This is especially true in the areas under the regime, which extend from the western neighborhoods of Deir al-Zour to ALBuKamal. This was done by elements of the regime and its militias who dug the land In order to extract the cables and sell them, after “stealing” above the ground, in addition to theft of watering and irrigation systems on rivers, whether private or public, to be shipped through heavy machinery to the provinces of Homs and Aleppo.
Returning to the SDF, many of the people known to have been armed and robbed had joined the SDF or its Asayish to cover up their actions, as did their peers affiliated with the regime’s forces and allied militias Currently, some ISIS security personnel have done some earlier.

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