Deal in the countryside of Deir Ezzor resulted in the smuggling of dozens of soldiers and leaders “ISIS”

by admindiaa

Special Euphrates post

Euphrates post obtained information confirming that ISIS field commanders managed to get out of their control areas in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, in coordination with officers of the Assad regime on the banks of the Euphrates River opposite them (shamia).

The details of the information provided to us by a special source, who asked not to be named, indicate that members of ISIS, most of them prominent names from Arab and other Arab countries, especially the Gulf states,Of the escape after the intensification of fighting in the area and the restrictions on them in the towns of Al-Shafa and Al-Sousse far east of Deir Ezzor.The source said that the exit was on the bank of the Euphrates River in coordination with officers of the regime in the West Bank of the river, noting at the same time, That smugglers from rural Suweida came to the town of AL-SAYYAL under the Syrian regime in the countryside of Albukamal, Which lies on the other bank opposite the city of Shaafah, the most important strongholds of the “ISIS” in the rest of the areas within Syria, to ensure their delivery to other areas of Syria.

The source pointed out that the town of Sayyal was the point of arrival of the soldiers of the ISIS and field commanders fleeing their areas, estimated to number about 100 people, paid a sum of not less than $ 20 thousand dollars per person,

To be delivered to ISIS control areas in Badia, Deir Ezzor or Badia of El-Swaida, and about 50 elements were secured to reach Idlib countryside.

One of the most prominent names of the ISIS members involved in the deal with the regime, according to our source, responsible for the bombing, Abu Mustafa AL-Qatari

Which resulted from the deal with him arrived to Idlib after paying 42 thousand dollars to officers of the regime and smugglers who helped him to reach a safe place.

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