After days of Massacre, ISIS changed its entity, IA escalates.

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

After several days of Bukamal massacre which caused the death and injury of dozens of civilians, Bukamal city witnessed a campaign of radical changes in the entity of the regulation after the withdrawal of tens of elements among supporters and migrants. A source said: ‘The regulation carried out a campaign of changes that included 50% of immigrants or supporters.

After pulling dozens of them after being suspected accumulate on the fighting fronts, or transferred to other regions, to witness the city changed dozens of elements between the elite of the regulation in the city. ISIS also ordered evacuating of all the houses near the Syaseya area in the city.

Also the regulation ordered their militants to stay away from their headquarters which is now targeted at any time, with the possibility of returning to the order of the regulation. Has toiled big campaign of executions, eight civilians, including Iraqi emigrants, under the charge of dealing with Iraqi army and Illance, and giving military and civil coordinates about.

Where the regulation executed them in Fayha yard in Bukamal city eastern DeirEzzor, while the city witnessed in the last few days intensive raids by the International Alliance warplanes on the city and its countryside.

Where it witnessed a military landing operation caused death of number of ISIS militants and the families of four others. International fighter jets also bombed the area of Hamar fields in Bukamal desert, near to Hassrat village, with several air strikes, including electric strikes.

Targeted crude oil refineries and a number of oil tankers, which caused the injury of a number of refinery workers and tankers. It is noteworthy that aircraft likely to be part of the Iraqi air force and the international Alliance aircraft launched several air strikes targeted the city of Bukamal, caused a massacre that left more than 66 martyrs and dozens wounded.

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