Why did the conflicting forces in Syria compete to control Albukamal? What does it mean to fall?

by admindiaa

Over the past few days, the city of Al-bu Kamal has been the focus of interest of the various competing military forces in Syria, until several forces have rotated in just a few days. And they defended the soldiers of the ISIS of the city of Al Bukamal fiercely , contrary to what they have done in other cities of the province, indicating their geopolitical importance. Including the AL-Qudus militia, which had previously declared that al-Bukamal was one of its main objectives, but without taking any action in the field until now.
Because al-Bukamal was the last major stronghold of the organization ISIS in Syria, it was fiercely defended by soldiers of ISIS who were able to regain it when they lost it for the first time in about 10 days before Iran, its militias and regime forces announced their control over the past two days.
It is not only important because it is the last bastion of strongholds, but because it is the strategic gateway between Iran, Iraq and Syria through the desert of Deir Ezoor – Homs, to reach Lebanon and the Mediterranean, including access to the militia, “Hezbollah,” which emerged Secretary General “Hassan Nasrallah” To declare himself on Monday victory in the Battle of AL-BuKamal, asserting that this battle led by the commander of the commander of the “Corps of Jerusalem -ALQUDUS-” in Iran Qasim Soleimani himself to indicate its importance.
In the declaration of victory in AL-Boukamal, Nasrallah deliberately ignored (and perhaps because it is a fact in the field) mentioned the forces of the Assad regime or thanked them, and considered that the credit for “liberating” the city belongs to “Hezbollah and the Iranian resistance.” As described.
The battle of AL-BuKamal is also important because it came as a response from Iran to its failure to open the strategic gate from Iraq to Syria and Lebanon through the border crossing at the border with Jordan a few months ago, after the American-led coalition foiled the Iranian plan on this side. Allowed in another area, was the Battle of Albukamal.
The border town of Albukamal is of great strategic importance. It is located at the mouth of the Euphrates River on the border with Iraq, through which it can reach the Syrian-Iraqi border, which is only about 8 km away.
Al-Bukamal is characterized by an important location in the Shamia and Al-Jazeera basins, the last point of the Euphrates River in Syria before entering Iraqi territory.
The city is located in the plains area of the West Bank of the Euphrates River, rising from the surface of the sea by 165 meters, and the climate is almost desert, an area of about 2000 hectares, and the population of about 50 thousand people, but this number increased significantly after the influx of displaced, Have been re-populated over the past weeks due to shelling and battles.
Al-Bukamal took great importance in the organization of ISIS because of its strategic location and increased its importance after the organization’s control of the Iraqi city of Al-Qaim against the city of Al-Bawakamal. He quickly occupied and expelled the opposing fighters in 2014, after more than three years, Hezbollah, “and the battles of control to the loss of large in the ranks of the parties, that it was the opinion of all those who defended or sought to occupy, deserve this price.

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