They call themselves “Tribal sheikhs” but promotes for “Shi’a” from DeirEzzor to Hassaka.

by admindiaa

“Exclusive” Euphrates Post

After a voice record related to the so-called “Nawaf Raghib AlBasheer” (Baggara Tribe Sheikh) before a few days he appeared in one of the Shei centers which fighting in Syria, Euphrates Post concentrated on those “Sheikhs” whom consider themselves elders of the eastern region.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the elders of the region have a close relationship, either with the regime and its Iranian militias, or with YPG, and even with the terrorist organizations, who would have found a suitable ground in our eastern region, without the complicity and deception of so-called “tribes Sheikhs”.

The so-called “Mahmud Nawaf AlAdday AlJboury” Sheii person well-known by Hassaka rebles, as he built a “Hussainya” (She’i Mosque) in Azeezya neighborhood in the city of Hassaka, which was the main source of security militants before the revolution and a headquarter for the mercenaries, by feasting on the many Shi’a religious events, and the jobs they promise if Iran’s Marquba (the lifeboat) is designed.

Strangely, this is the person who brought in many of the Hasaka revolutionaries and activists in prisons and detention centers, he became close and strong with most of the Arab sheikhs in Hasakah, whom people considered neutral (neither with the executioner nor with the victim!), But it became clear that the tribal leader’s neutrality was a trick and a hoax for more funds, even if this trick was at the expense of his family. And his land.

The matter doesn’t different in each of the two persons:

– The so-called “Nawaf Raghib AlBasheer” (Baggara Sheikh) After his return to embrace the regime and its image in one of the Shei centers in Syria, and his quest to form a Shiite tribal army! Like the Shiite militia. He was known to have been in favor of entering ISIS to Jdeed Baggara village with little resistance.

– The so-called “Hassan Ahmed AlMeslat” (Jbour Tribe Sheikh in Hassaka) who has extensive relations with the Shiite leaders fighting in his homeland, was the godfather (Sheikh Mahmoud Nawaf al-Adai), who is a consultant in the (Aby Al-Fadl AlAbbas) the massacres that are not counted in Syria.

The so-called Sheikh “Fayez al-Namas” the leader of the Shiite forces of the Syrian Arab Army in Hasakah, a newly-formed sheikh, formed a faction of several young men who convinced them of the Shi’a, which brings them money, power and revenge.

– The so-called “Hmeidy Daham” (Shamar tribe Sheikh located on the Syrian-Iraqi border) who threatened to fight with them from the YPG in the quarrel that took place five months ago between the sands and the yuppa, al-Yibka threatened that he would bring the Shiite crowd if they continued to marginalize them and humiliate the elements of the sands, led by Ibn al-Humaidi himself.

Is the “betrayal” called in these elders, wisdom and foresight?!

And any wisdom in handing over the country to a dame or to Iran or YPG?

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