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“Black comedy” at Sochi airport .. divestiture of who performed

by admindiaa

The participation of some of the Syrian opposition members at the Sochi conference held today, aroused the anger, opposition and ridicule of the majority of opponents of the Assad regime, described the sit-in at the Sochi airport as nothing more than a “black comedy” in which he could not justify participating in a conference whose top priority was to “float” the head of the regime, Bashar al-Assad, and ensure his continued existence in power.The review decision by a delegation that claimed to be a representative of the opposition, namely, the refusal to enter the conference hall until the removal of the flag of the regime from its motto,Who wondered whether the presence of science in the motto and floor of the Conference was the fundamental dilemma in Sochi, or the main reason for the critics and opponents of the Conference.
Perhaps one of the most important things that happened at Sochi airport is to show the extent of the inferiority with which the Russians dealt with those who came to attend its conference,This view was confirmed by the participation of the opposition that it lied to its promises to remove the slogan. Despite the simplicity of demand in relation to the other fundamental issues that are supposed to be demanded by the Russians, primarily the cessation of bombing and massacres committed against civilians.
The hypocrisy and humiliation of the participating dissidents was also from Turkey, which, according to some, showed the inability to meet the most basic demands of those who sent them as negotiators of the opposition to coincide with insulting this state and those with insults from the Syrians who accused the participants of betraying the blood and sacrifices of the people Syrian conflict.
Most of the participants affiliated with the opposition, known throughout their history of abusing the Syrian revolution, and harming them, despite claiming their love and loyalty to them, especially their associates of Deir al-Zour, but that one of the participants is known to be a member of the ISIS in a period, This allegiance, claiming affiliation with the revolution.
One of the obvious questions to be asked about the “opponents” who arrived at Sochi airport today is: Why did most of the opposition figures refuse to take part in the conference? Why has not a large number of opposition revolutionary elites been invited?Is it not necessary to get an answer on the reasons for not inviting these people to go to people who are mostly in the back rows of the opposition, and who are among the figures on the sidelines of the opposition resolution, and not in it?

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