Arrests, curfews and besieging headquarters in Raqqa, and demands for “urgent” intervention by the international Alliance.

by admindiaa

The conflict within the factions led by the SDF has returned to the field, to be the city of al-Raqqa, about a month after a previous escalation, which would have been a candidate for major field developments had it not been for the intervention of the US-led international coalition to resolve the conflict.The two parties are witnessing developments in Al-Rigga since Saturday and Sunday morning,Kurdish People’s Protection Units, on the one hand, and the Brigade of the Revolutionaries of Al-Raqqa on the other.

According to information from our correspondent in Raqqa, and sources close to the “SDF”, which form the Kurdish “units” the most prominent component,That the latter surrounded most of the headquarters of the “Brigade of the revolutionaries of Raqqa” in the city, amid calls from the “rebels of Al-Raqqa” the people of the city to stand up against the expected attack, which will target “within hours.”

In this context, during the night and dawn of the day, I heard gunfire from the north-eastern side of the city of Raqqa, in conjunction with the massive deployment of the elements of “SDF” in the district of Mishlab, and the latter surrounded the area of ​​sahil-Al-banat north of the city center,And arrested elements belonging to the “rebels of Raqqa”, and also arrested other elements in the vicinity of the roundabout Albattani noon today.

The General Command of the Internal Security Forces of the SDF announced in the light of these developments the state of emergency and has been roaming around the city of Raqqa from 5 am to 5 am on Tuesday,Denied access to the city and claimed that the reason “the existence of threats by ISIS affiliated cells.”

According to information leaked by a source close to the “SDF”, who asked not to be named, the purpose of imposing a state of emergency, is to carry out a raid on the houses of the city, allegedly the existence of sleeper cells of the “ISIS.”

The southern rural area of Raqqa witnessed a state of alert for SDF elements in the village of Rtala, who set up a barrier around the village mosque.

In response to this escalation, the “Revolution Fighters” issued a statement, confirming the exposure of its headquarters in the city of Raqqa And its surroundings for “a treacherous operation by the SDF militia surrounded our headquarters with elements and vehicles heavily armed.” As he put it.

The statement added: “We call on the international coalition forces, led by the United States of America to intervene immediately to stop this treacherous aggression, and hold them fully responsible for any consequences resulting from this process,We call upon our people in Raqqa to take a serious and serious stand … to stand against the SDF and against their oppressive and repressive practices. “

In a second statement issued today, the “revolutionaries warned” of “sedition” between Arabs and Kurds because of the actions of “units” Kurdish, pointing out that the weapons provided by the United States to fight “ISIS”, today directed to “the issuance of Sons of Al-Raqqa” ISIS with other ISIS “

At the end of last month, the city of Raqqa witnessed clashes between the Kurdish People’s Protection Units and the Raqqa Revolution Brigade after the arrest of Abdullah al-Helu, aka Abu Haidar,

In addition to the killing of an element in front of one of the “units” north-east of the city, and the international coalition rushed to intervene to resolve the conflict between the two factions fighting under the banner of “SDF.”

It is noteworthy that the “Brigade of the rebels of AL-Raqqa,” a military formation of Arab fighters belonging to the “SDF”, is one of the oldest allies of the “Kurdish units”

He was instrumental in expelling the regime from Al-Raqqa in March 2013, before the ISIS took control of the city. He then went to the town of Srin and then appointed the Arabs to participate in the formation of the “Operation Room of the Euphrates”.

With the operation of the “Euphrates volcano” in

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