Areas for “SDF” decide to pursue a policy of “dislodgment ” against those who prove to be related to ISIS

by admindiaa

Special – Euphrates Post

The information received by Euphrates Post from its correspondent in the western suburb of Deir Ezzor confirmed that at the meeting in Hawayj village of Bomsa, under the control of the SDF militia, it was decided to identify the names of persons who worked with ISIS before the SDF and the groups under its umbrella On the area.
According to our correspondent, the meeting held by the leaders of each faction of the Baumsua clan and mosque imams with a number of residents of the region resulted in agreement to bring all those working in the security services within the organization, or proved to be connected to the delivery of weapons to the ISIS at the beginning of its control , And fined them the price of this weapon.
Two people from each clan’s clan, as well as mosque imams in the village, were interrogated to investigate the accused and deport those found guilty for four to seven years.
The information provided by our correspondent confirmed that the decision was applied directly, and that a number of security officers who rejected the decision were expelled from the village. They are among the 17 persons convicted of belonging to the organization and working with him throughout his years of control.
In this context, sources told Euphrates Post that the meeting and decisions of the village of Baumsaa were made with the knowledge and blessing of the SDF’s Deir al-Zour military council, despite its consequences and grave consequences, especially as it opens the door to revenge and the implementation of family and clan agendas away from the law. , Under the pretext of punishing the ISIS Associates.
The meeting coincided with the continued burning and appropriation of houses in a number of towns, villages and towns of Deir al-Zour, both in the newly controlled areas of the SDF, or the regime’s forces and allied militias, on the charge that their owners were ISIS members or supporters.
This move was similar to that of the ISIS organization during the period of its control of the villages of Deir Ezzor, when it expelled and displaced many of the inhabitants of the area under various names and pretexts, the most prominent of which was the extensive displacement that was implemented in the Shu’aytat area in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor.

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