“AL-MADHOR” is facade of the corruption of one of the most important officers of the regime in Deir Ezzor .. Who is it?

by admindiaa

The Assad regime’s weapon against the Syrians over the past years was not only bullets, bombs, rockets, barrels and chemicals, but also other weapons against them, including the use of soldiers of another kind, who supported it economically, in exchange for opening corruption and deals and seizing Syrian funds, for them.

As in the case of Syria, big war merchants or what they call the “whales of money”, each province has its own small whales whose money has been within their area, including Deir Ezzor. One of the most prominent examples,Firas Almadhor, who is it?

Known he is poor man, who came from the countryside of Deir al-Zour to live in the outskirts of the city (the district of ALTAAB), within the structures of violation and lack of basic services, and work to earn a living through a three-wheeled mechanism , before identifying elements of the branches of the security system , Who brought it to their superiors, and to be chosen by one of them, to be the interface through which he runs his projects and works.

Information obtained by the “Euphrates Post” from a source who asked not to be named, stating that the head of the branch of State Security in Deir al-Zour Brigadier General Daas Daas, chose an apparent agent for his work and projects, under the name of “contractor,” and the beginning was with his monopoly most contracts and tenders the General Establishment For water, estimated at millions of Syrian pounds, with funding and support from Daas and his protection.

Not only did he take pride in this, but he moved to another sector, which consisted of the acquisition of high value properties through corruption, fraud and fraud. He was assisted by 1st lieutenant Wael Issa, a member of the Criminal Security Branch in Deir Al-Zour, Wealthy at the county level.

After the Syrian revolution against the Assad regime in March 2011, the mission was charged with a new mission: to inspire the peaceful demonstrators and the faction leaders against the regime and, with the start of armed action, to form a battalion of the Free Syrian Army, Zour Western, and through which the sale of one of the plants and public facilities in the countryside of the province worth 80 million lira.

With the emergence of ISIS and its control over most parts of Deir El-Zour, the disillusionment remained on the approach of moving from one force to another, all for the service of the regime, until the orders came from Daas to return to the areas of control of the regime. , To publicly and openly reaffirm the absolute loyalty of the regime.

More recently, the trend has gone to other methods of graft, including the forging of seals by a regime security officer, with the aim of seizing real estate and manipulating tenders under the so-called “reconstruction” system.

As a result of the refusal to grant financial benefits to the political security branch of the work carried out by the protection and facilities of them, he learned that “Furat Post” that he was arrested with some of his men during the past days, while others managed to escape after they became wanted for branches The security system in Deir al-Zour.

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