Abu Hossam AlBritani’s wife, publish details of his arrest by HTS.

by admindiaa

The wife of “Abi Hussam AlBritani”, who is the director of a number of relief organizations in Idlib and its countryside, British nationality, wrote on her personal account via Facebook explaining the details of her husband’s detention by the “Headquarters of Sham Liberation” yesterday as part of a campaign of arrests against number of former defectors of HTS.

Racquell Hayden Best, who is her real name, said: The gunmen of the Headquarters for the Liberation of AlSham stormed her house and arrested her husband without a clear charge and demanded that she wake up her children and leave the house, but she refused, saying:”there is no way im waking them up to have them see this sight of masked men coming into their home” and added:”They represent Islam and the nation. ”

In another post 24 hours after her husband’s arrest, Hayden Baset said: “They thought they had arrested one person, but in fact they arrested hundreds of orphans, widows and students, and they didn’t allow me to send even a suitcase to him.”

It is noteworthy that the “Taquer Tox Sharif”, known as “Abu Hussam AlBritani”, is a member of the “1 with Syria” website that collects donations for relief organizations working in Syria within the controled areas by the Headquarters of AlSham Liberation. As a kind of targeting of support sources for “Fathbatu” operating room.

It is noteworthy that the “Fathbatu” operations room, which the Headquarters of Sham Liberation recently launched a detention campaign against a number of its leaders and those close to it, includes a number of prominent leaders who have defected from the ranks of HTS, including: Abu Malik al-Talli, Siraj al-Din Abu Saleh al-Uzbeki, and a number of leaders in the coordination of jihad and the Brigade Al-Ansar fighters, Ansar al-Islam, and the Guardians of Religion organization, which are classified into terrorism regulations.

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