A senior man is the last victim of “SDF” crimes against civilians in Deir Ezzor

by admindiaa

Deir Ezzor Eastern Province witnessed another crime in addition to a series of violations and crimes against civilians in the areas of SDF in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor.
According to information provided by our correspondent in the eastern suburb of Deir Ezzor, one of the civilians, an elderly man, was killed by an SDF leader following an altercation between them in the village of Bahra after the man accused the SDF of failing to expel the ISIS. Of the remaining areas under his control east of the province, including the city of Hajin.
The reporter added that the leader pulled his gun after the development of the debate, to shoot the man shot two dead immediately, without any accountability to the killer so far on his crime, and amid the silence of the International Coalition.
Our correspondent pointed out that this incident was not the first in the past few days. The SDF has witnessed numerous abuses and crimes. The perpetrators, including members of the SDF, have not been held accountable or have extensive relations with their military and administrative leaders.
.The absence of the rule of law and the policy of repression and intimidation have exacerbated the emergence of corruption in various areas of life, whose negative effects on civilian life have begun, amid fears of its spread and ramifications.
The insecurity in the areas under the control of the SDF and the spread of unemployment within the country have led to the emergence of many negative phenomena, including drug abuse and trafficking in large quantities, so that hashish in particular is sold on the sidewalks and platforms selling cigarettes in the markets,
As well as the promotion of many sources of narcotics, notably the material of hashish and cocaine, which led to an increase in addiction,
Especially among adolescents, in addition to the spread of kidnappings, killings and mutations, and their forms varied between looting and killing in the streets and at checkpoints, or through raids on houses and shops.
It is worth noting that the towns, villages and towns under the control of the SDF in Raqqa and Deir El-Zour (Gezira) suffer from difficult living conditions and almost nonexistent services,
There are also dozens of camps in the areas that lack access to services, despite years of existence, under the eyes of international organizations operating in their areas of control.

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