ISIS Subsides, Became between jaws of Iraqi shelling & Syrian assassinations

by admindiaa

Exclusive” #Euphrates_Post

Haydar Al Ebady (Iraqi Prime Minister) declared since an hours ago that the Iraqi Air Forces began officially targeting ISIS regulation within the Syrian lands and also along the boarder line.

Media networks belongs to the Iraqi Army published a vedios said that it shows the air shelling on the regulation’s headquarters in the Syrian Bukamal city with its surroundings.

Euphrates Post correspondent confirmed that (Iraqi Air Forces) began an air raids on Bukamal and its surroundings since 10 days ago, as those warplanes targeted (Hajjana boarder building with other several buildings within its surroundings nearby Al Sukkareya region) since tha last friday 25 February 2017.

Euphrates Post knew also by several sources that Iraqi air forces will attack the regulation even in Raqqa province the capital of ISIS, also down to the Syrian desert in the next period.

On the other hand assassinations looms noticeably on the regulation’s members, where we documented over 15 case during the last period, most of these assassinations was in Bukamal province and the last one was in Myadein two days ago.

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